Q&A: Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown caught two long touchdown passes last night against the Falcons in compiling 247 yards of total offense. Here's what he had to say:

Antonio Brown, wide receiver, Pittsburgh Steelers

Q: That was a bit of a half, wasn't it?

A: Yeah, I did some good things. There are still some things I can improve on, but it was a great half and a great game.

Q: You're being pretty humble for 247 yards of offense in one half, aren't you?

A: Yeah. When you've got great guys playing receiver with you as in Mike Wallace, Hines Ward rolling coverages to their side, it just made my job easier getting man-on-man matchups with corners. I've got to continue winning my one-on-one battles.

Q: Whenever someone talks about you, they add the statement ‘as long as he knows his assignments.' Is that still an issue with you? Talk about your competence level with the playbook.

A: As the week progressed I continued to get better. I'm learning. I'm seeing my hots. I'm reading the blitzes and picking up different things. As I continue to play more, the more repetition I get at it, the more better I'm getting.

Q: Were either of those touchdowns hot reads?

A: No, those were plays and route concepts.

Q: When you came off the field, coach was saying ‘Don't let it consume you.' What does he mean by that? The attention? The hype?

A: No. He just wanted me to be humble. It's just preseason and this game doesn't count. I'm doing some great things but it's not the end of the world. We've still got a long journey to go. He wanted to tell me to continue to work hard and continue to focus.

Q: Was he talking specifically about your end-zone celebration or your overall approach?

A: Overall, and also the end-zone celebration. I think I got a little overly excited and a little carried away. I don't think that's Steeler football. We're hard-nosed guys who keep humble. I take a lot of discredit for what I did.

Q: Did you get stuck in the fence?

A: I just got too excited, man. (Laughs) I've got to calm down a little bit.

Q: You're having a pretty good preseason. You don't want to get stuck in the fence and hurt yourself, do you?

A: No, man. I've got to be smart.

Q: Tell me about the 77-yarder.

A: That was a post and Ben did a great job putting it on me. The safety and the corner kind of missed it going for the ball. I was there and ran away from them.

Q: How much pressure can you take off of Wallace?

A: Well, Wallace does a great job of taking pressure off everyone. He draws so many double coverages and combo-bracket coverages it allows my job to be easier. I'm getting one-on-one backside with guys and I've got to continue to win because if they don't continue to bracket him on his side, we've got to have someone else stepping up and making plays.

Q: What if they start doubling you?

A: Then Mike Wallace is going to get off.

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