Wednesday Apple Pie

The Tommy Maddox situation makes perfect sense and I totally agree with the Steelers waiting one more year to offer Maddox a new deal. Maddox may not be another Kordell Stewart, but that doesn't mean the Steelers are going to make the same mistake twice with their starting quarterback. Stewart had only one good season as the signal caller when he was offered a ludicrous contract extension.

  • I'm happy Jerome Bettis looks great, but don't let his quote about not having anything to prove fool you. He's got everything to prove, especially since he hasn't played a full season in two years.
  • I think that the firing of Guy Junker is just a microcosm of how insanely dumb and behind the times Fox Sports when compared to other sports mediums. "Stan and Guy! Loved the Show!"
  • The signing of WR Chris Doering to me signifies that the Steelers didn't want to embarrass Terence Mathis by cutting him in camp. Doering is not a lock in any way to make the team.
  • Anyone else worried that Hines Ward's playing style will finally catch up with his body?
  • The Steelers strength of schedule is ranked 26th in the league. That might be the most directed number in a decade. A schedule that includes St. Louis, San Francisco, Denver, Kansas City, Oakland, San Diego, Tennessee and NY (Jets) is a lot more difficult than the 26th ranked schedule should be. This is due to the double games against Cincinnati and Baltimore and the game against Arizona. Here's the scary part of the schedule, all 7 of the above teams have the talent go deep in the playoffs.
  • Tennessee Titan's stud WR Derrick Mason broke his hand while teeing off. Um... You don't see Hines Ward getting beat up by a driver, do you?
  • One name to keep an eye out for is S James Boyd. In a surprising move, Jacksonville Jaguars cut Boyd. Surprising in that Boyd, a 3rd round draft choice in 2001, was supposed to take over the starter's role this season. Word is that he doesn't run that well, but Boyd is good against the run and in coverage. He could be claimed off waivers in 10 days.
  • I got a lot of great feedback concerning Jerome Bettis' role in the offense this upcoming season. Thanks for the comments! Keep them coming!

John Biles

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