And Now ... for the Rest of the Story

Mike Prisuta feels that Steelers coach Mike Tomlin went too far with his respect for the Baltimore Ravens the other day. And the video bares out they are not the '67 Packers.

There's video evidence aplenty detailing what it is these Ravens are capable of doing to unsuspecting opponents, but that eye-in-the-sky stuff works both ways.

Mike Tomlin has obviously seen the Ravens' pass-rush tape, and referenced it this week when a question regarding the Steelers' game plan was raised.

"We are not going to drop back and throw the ball 50 times versus the Baltimore Ravens, because you are going to get sacked, fumble and intercepted," Tomlin said. "Their video bares that out."

Tomlin didn't say anything about not setting up in the shotgun and not getting the ball out of the pocket quickly 50 or so times, but that's another story for another day.

Today's story is about what else Tomlin didn't acknowledge as it relates to what the Ravens have put on tape.

Take last Sunday's escape against Arizona, for example.

* There's strong safety Bernard Pollard getting flagged 15 yards for taunting; their video bares that out.

* There's cornerback Lardarius Webb being beaten on a slant for 66 yards by the incomparable Larry Fitzgerald; their video bares that out.

* And there's cornerback Cary Williams being beaten for a back-shoulder touchdown by Early Doucet; their video bares that out, too.

The Baltimore offense was also caught at less than its best against Arizona.

* There's quarterback Joe Flacco throwing what should have been a 100-yard pick-six that ended up being dropped by Adrian Wilson; their video bares that out.

* There's running back Ray Rice getting flagged 15 yards for taunting; their video bares that out.

* There's Flacco fumbling twice and losing the ball once at the Baltimore 2-yard line; their video bares that out.

* There's wide receiver Torrey Smith failing to catch a ball he should have swallowed on what turned out to be an interception that set the Cardinals up for another touchdown; their video bares that out.

* There's offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie getting beaten cleanly off the edge by linebacker O'Brien Schofield for a fumble recovery at the Baltimore 2; their video bares that out.

* And there's the Ravens' offensive line looking overmatched and at times overwhelmed, especially left guard Andre Gurode, against a blitz-happy Cardinals defense; their video bares that out.

Even the special teams were exposed against Arizona.

* There's tight end Dennis Pitta, long-snapper Morgan Cox, linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo, linebacker Albert McClellan and free safety Haruki Nakamura all missing tackles on what became an 82-yard punt return for a touchdown by Patrick Peterson; their video bares that out.

Tomlin didn't go all Siskel & Ebert in rehashing any of that on Tuesday.

That's not what coaches do when they're assessing opponents in front of the media.

But that doesn't mean the Ravens aren't a 1-2 road team, a team that's lost to Tennessee and Jacksonville (two teams the Steelers have beaten), and a team that struggled mightily against an Arizona team the Steelers throttled.

There's video evidence that bares all of that out, and more.

The Ravens pummeled the Steelers in the opener. And the Ravens have beaten the Texans, a team that proved too much for the Steelers. But these aren't the '67 Packers or even the 2000 Ravens that the Steelers will be hosting on Sunday night.

One win over New England, likewise, doesn't mean the Steelers are Super Bowl bound, either.

This movie is just now getting to the good part, and we still have no idea how it's destined to end.

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