Pop Goes Troy's Shoulder

Ryan Clark may play a doctor on TV, but in real life he's Troy Polamalu's 'brother.' Read more:

PITTSBURGH -- Troy Polamalu left Thursday's game late with a hamstring injury, and didn't practice Monday, but earlier in the game he was picked up by TV cameras having his shoulder put back into place by teammate Ryan Clark.

"It was hurt," said Clark. "He was like, ‘Pull my shoulder.' I said, ‘OK.' I looked around to make sure nobody was watching – I forgot about the camera – and I pulled it. People have been tweeting me about it. I guess it's a big deal, but for us, I mean, it was just my brother asking me to do something, so I did it."

Polamalu wasn't available in the locker room Monday, and Tomlin won't comment on the injuries until Tuesday at noon. Clark was asked if Polamalu's shoulder injury is serious.

"I'm not a doctor, despite what it may look like," Clark said. "I don't know. I just pulled it. He told me I could stop pulling, so I said, ‘OK, cool.' I think it's a bigger deal to everyone else than it was to us."

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