A New Home For Hall of Fame Members

Canton, OH - It's been more than two years in design and development, but now it's complete. The 221 members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame have a new home. On Thursday, July 3, the Pro Football Hall of Fame will officially open to the public its new Hall of Fame Gallery.

"The $1.7 million Hall of Fame Gallery provides an exciting new look to our heart and soul - the area where Hall of Fame members are individually honored with their bronzed likeness," explained Hall of Fame Executive Director John Bankert.

"The new gallery has transformed a relatively static exhibition area into a wide open, awe-inspiring space that provides visitors with an optimum interactive experience."

The use of bronze portrait busts, often cited as something that separates the Pro Football Hall of Fame from other sports museums, continues in the new-look gallery. The dramatically lit bronze likenesses and the use of elegant and timeless forms and materials have created a space with a sense of wonderment and reverence. At the same time, new high-interest interactive elements have been introduced to enhance the visitor experience.

The "interactive experience" is provided through six high-tech touch-screen kiosks, each of which can access a universe of information from the archives of the Hall of Fame and NFL Films. Visitors, with a touch of the screen, can retrieve biographical profiles, photos, illustrations, and film clips on every Hall of Fame member.

"Having the Hall of Fame Gallery project completed at this time is especially significant," adds Bankert, "This year we are celebrating our 40th Anniversary. As a part of the celebration, the Hall of Fame and the NFL have invited every Hall of Famer to return to Canton during the Hall of Fame Weekend (August 2-4) to participate in what we're calling the NFL Homecoming. We expect a record number of Hall of Fame members to attend the reunion. For most it will be the first time they'll see their new home. We're confident they will be impressed with the results."

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