Wednesday Apple Pie

The message boards here at are a place where the average fan can take an average topic and turn it into a conversation of infinite possibilities. Something must be said for some of the great, and small, comments on our message boards. I marvel every day at the depth of knowledge of the board's faithful.

So, I thought it time to honor those who've made some recent great comments in a little section I'd like to call:

Proving that only Edgar Allen Poe can make a "raven" foretell the future, STEELBLITZKRIEG says:
"I was just on CBS Sportsline rumor page chatroom , where a couple of Raven fans were talking about how they were going to win the AFC EAST this year, not the Steelers. I told them that is fine with all of us Steeler fans, we will be busy winning the AFCN. You gotta love the depth of their knowledge." Yes we do. Yes we do.

Proving that adults should stay out of kids games, LITTLE SPOON destroys a charming topic based on a young child's love for the Steelers:
"The Steelers are worthless and have no talent, so there is no reason why your little kid should like them. Find whoever it is that is influencing your son (because its obviously not you) and beat them up. I can't say that the Dolphins are much better but the Steelers...come one. The Bengals have a better chance of winning the division then the Steelers do. Good job on keeping your washed-up insurance salesman QB. Maybe he can get the Steelers a good deal on insurance because they are going to need it. A good life insurance plan before the fearsome foursome massacre them in week one. Pittsburgh is Raven's always." Methinks LITTLE SPOON needs a time-out.

Proving that I haven't taken a math course since high school, IACAPA spells out the smart contract given to Marvel Smith:
"It seems like we're tossing around some pretty decent sized contracts ... but everyone gets the 6 million dollar bonus. We had out good money (25 million here, 22 million there), but we don't fall into the 10 million dollar signing bonus game.

Take the Marvel contract. 13 million in the first 3 years, 13 million in the last 3 years (or so I read). This is great, because it means that 3 years from now, we aren't going to have a guy with a cap hit of 9 million dollars. We will have a guy with a workable cap number.

I like the idea that we keep the signing bonus relatively low. It means that if the guy gets hurt or doesn't work out, he's cutable. To make the contract palatable, we make sure there is real money in the salary early in the contract ... if you have the cap space, this is a great idea, because it gets the money for that player entirely off the books early.

We will be in trouble the day we start handing out 5 year contracts worth 40 million where 10 million is singing bonus. It usually means the last last year of the contract is never expected to be played, and you can pencil in the 2 million dollars of dead money."

Proving that even in retirement John Fiala couldn't win, BLOUNTWEAPON smacks a great post:
"Rejected an offer? I can't believe they'd make him one, other than to carry someone's bags. This guy should have never been allowed on the field. He made many thousands of dollars, and the only thing he ever did was fail to tackle Troy Brown. Good riddance!!!"

Proving that it would suck if Chris Hope pronounced his last name "HOP-E," STEELPAPPATHUMB gives us this gem:
"I HOPE we start a different FS than Logan, he is great as a Dime backer and perhaps should stay there unless Ike picks it up. Logan just seems better suited for SS than FS. He was originally brought in to replace Alexander, but hasen't been able to unseat him... So, I just HOPE that Bill sees the Light and I HOPE he is smart enough to let the youngster I HOPE he starts at FS valuable playing time before December" Read that with the last name pronounced HOP-E, it's hilarious.


  • The University of Miami officially announced Monday that they would accept the ACC's offer to join the league of darkness in Satan's underworld. Just another reason why the NFL is the best mass-money making machine today.
  • Anyone want to put money down that Cleveland will finish dead last in the AFC North? I will.
  • Keith Davis, CB for the Dallas Cowboys, was shot at a strip club this weekend. And they said the Cowboy tradition was dead.
  • There has been a lot of positive press recently about Alonzo Jackson. That still doesn't mean he's a worthy 2nd rounder or a future everyday starter. I'm sure there could also be a ton of positive press about Brian St. Pierre.
  • If Alonzo Jackson is anointed as the future replacement for Jason Gildon, then his drafting makes sense. The Steelers obviously don't think that highly of Clark Haggans. That being said, unless Jackson comes through as the steal of the draft, I still don't see the Steelers having anything close to a future replacement at OLB on their roster. That's some mighty thin depth folks.

John Biles

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