Q&A: Willie Colon

Willie Colon spent the spring at a new position, and the Steelers' new left guard talks about the transition and his excitement about the new offense with Jim Wexell.

Willie Colon, left guard, Pittsburgh Steelers

Q: Have you been watching Alan Faneca tapes? Have you embraced left guard fully yet?

WC: Yeah, I left OTAs feeling like this is where I'm happy at. I accepted the role. I was never against it. From Alan to Kemo, they left a legacy of hard-nosed left guards. I definitely want to fit that mold and keep it going.

Q: So you're pretty confident this move to left guard is going to happen, right?

WC: I'm assuming that this is locked and loaded, that I'm going to be here. I want to stay at that position. If some strange things happen – like they always do – and I've got to go to right, I've got to be able to adapt. But right now I'm locked into left guard.

Q: Were the coaches happy with what you did in the spring?

WC: Yeah. I think so. The days I was out there I tried to practice my hardest and really show them I'm capable of playing the position. I feel they're confident in my abilities to pull and be athletic out there along with Pouncey. I'm excited.

Q: They really expanded the running game this spring, didn't they?

WC: Yes.

Q: Didn't they bring back a lot of stuff from the Whisenhunt days?

WC: Exactly. And I think we'll have a screen game. Getting the ball out of our hands on third down is going to be key. In addition, having Rainey and some of the other guys is really going to help us. I'm excited. I think we're headed in the right direction as far as that goes.

Q: The counter power play, the one Kemo handled so well, are you going to be able to run that? And are they going to run it as often as they have the last few years?

WC: It definitely was one of our bread-and-butters. If you go back to the Super Bowl year, we ran 22 Double – a double to the power mike – we ran that at least 20 times a game, so whatever's the fad for the season you stick with it. Hopefully I can keep it going.

Q: And your ankle won't hurt your mobility?

WC: Yeah, I feel great. I'm feeling good moving around center. I had a great off-season and I'm ready to rock.

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