Q&A: WR Jerricho Cotchery

Jerricho Cotchery surprised New York reporters earlier this week, and then Cotchery went into detail with SCI's Jim Wexell and brought to life what it really means to be a part of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Jerricho Cotchery, WR, Pittsburgh Steelers

Q. You said something interesting to the New York reporters about the 2010 AFC Championship Game. Could you repeat it for me?

JC. I just said that at that point, that team didn't have a sense of urgency. I felt like in that game the sense of urgency was better on the Steelers' end at that time. Now, looking at the film, it held true. What I felt was really true.

Q. Can you give me an example?

JC. Well, it looks like guys weren't leaving it all out there. I don't know if guys were mentally drained from beating the Colts and then beating the Patriots. I don't know if the guys had anything left emotionally, because they were both emotional games. The emotions probably just weren't there in the first half against the Steelers.

Q. The emotions in that Patriots' upset the previous week were titanic, weren't they?

JC. Oh, man. The emotions ran pretty deep because the Patriots, they talk slyly. They're not perceived as a big trash-talking team, but they do it in different ways. We were aware of that. They blew us out on that Monday night. They scored like 40 points and you had guys looking at the sideline. There was a lot going on. There was a lot going on between the two teams. After that playoff game it was like "Yeah!" Like, "Yeah!" All of the emotions just poured out. Bart Scott was the – (laughs) – he was the spokesman for our emotions that day. Then just coming here in that first half, those emotions weren't there. The second half, those emotions started to pick up, but it was too late.

Q. Did the Jets have emotion last week coming off a scoreless preseason? Does it show on film?

JC. Yeah. Rex (Ryan) does a good job of pushing that us-against-everybody mentality and they had it last weekend. They came out there and they really put it on the Bills, man. I don't know if the Bills expected them to come out like that, the way they were playing in the preseason.

Q. You could see the emotion on film, couldn't you?

JC. Yeah.

Q. Now, coming into this game, don't you guys in here have that? Aren't the buttons being pushed after a tough loss last week?

JC. Yeah, but I think the environment is already built with a sense of urgency. Every week is like that. Sometimes you don't get things accomplished on the field, like last week. We didn't come out with the victory but the sense of urgency was there. Guys were working and you could tell guys were ready for the game. We just didn't get it done. Same approach this week.

Q. Are you looking for personal satisfaction against the Jets?

JC. You know what? It's kind of weird, man, but I'm not. I'm not emotionally attached to playing these guys. I'm not. I think my reason for feeling that way right now is the guys in this locker room. They welcomed me from Day One and they made me feel like I was a Steeler. They didn't care how long I had been with anyone else, once you put on this jersey you're a Steeler. They embraced me, so it was easy for me to transition. I'm a Steeler. (pause) I'm a Steeler. That's how I feel right now. It's like everything else doesn't really have a huge effect on me. I remember those seven years. I cherish those seven years, but I'm a Steeler now.

Q. You do want to get into the stat sheet this week, don't you?

JC. Every week I want to go out there and make a play for the team. I want to go out there and make a play for the team and that's how I feel this week. On Sunday I don't know how I'll react or respond emotionally to being on the other side of them because I haven't lined up against them yet. But right now I don't feel anything. That may be different on Sunday (laughs).

Q. You've talked about the guys you love there with the Jets, but aren't there guys who bothered you there, bothered you in practice, that you'd like to really beat?

JC. I'm really good friends with all of those guys, but the defense talked junk to us every day. Every day. They were talking so much junk every day. We had to listen to it. There were a lot of heated battles.

Q. If you want to get into names, my tape recorder's still running.

JC. (laughs) Well, (Antonio) Cromartie, he talks all day long. He would talk to you all day long no matter what. If you don't talk to him he'll still talk to you. There were a lot of fun battles in practice.

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