If You Boo One, Then Boo All

Dale Lolley has some thoughts after the Steelers' 34-24 loss to the Chargers.

We saw the Steelers play with a sense of urgency starting late in the third quarter of this game, but where was that for the first 40 minutes?

The Steelers made a classic mistake, thinking they could just throw those black and gold uniforms out on the field and San Diego would roll over and give up.

Didn't happen.

Particularly discouraging was that the defense was playing OK football for much of the first half - not great, not bad - but the offense was generating nothing.

It got to the point that Ryan Clark and Casey Hampton railed at the offensive line after yet another three-and-out.

It didn't work.

After a third consecutive three-and-out in the second quarter, Philip Rivers finally found Danario Alexander working against Curtis Brown on a double move. Brown bit and Alexander walked in for a touchdown.

Then, Mike Tomlin, perhaps trying to kickstart some urgency with this team, ran Jonathan Dwyer and Isaac Redman on third and fourth-and-1 from midfield with two minutes left in the half.

Both runners, who appeared to set up deeper in the backfield than usual - Redman was lined up on the north bank of the Allegheny - failed to convert, giving the Chargers a freebie field goal.

The Steelers came back and got a field goal of their own to end the half at 13-3, but as if to show that this was going to be a blame everyone kind of day, the defense allowed a nearly 10-minute touchdown drive to open the second half.

* Brown was pulled in favor of Josh Victorian in the third quarter, but he wasn't alone in his struggles.

Cortez Allen had issues covering Michael Spurlock in the slot. In fact, the Steelers couldn't cover Spurlock all day. He finished with seven receptions on seven targets for 64 yards.

* Antonio Brown and Mike Wallace both had big drops in the first half, but only Wallace was roundly booed by the home fans.

I know, Wallace has had some issues this season and he didn't help by saying that he loses focus at times, but Brown has had some drops as well as a key fumble in Oakland.

Just saying. Boo one, boo them all for a crappy performance.

* I can see why teams that play against Philip Rivers a lot hate the guy.

Rivers talks a lot of trash on the field.

Then again, Rivers had some things to talk about Sunday. But is it really necessary to tell Curtis Brown that he shouldn't have bit on the double move - as Rivers did after throwing a touchdown pass to Danario Alexander. Brown knows it.

To their credit, several Steelers let Rivers know that wasn't OK. Too bad they didn't take it out on him on the field.

* This Steelers team has talent. But right now, I'm questioning some heart issues.

The most puzzling thing is that they show a lot of it at times. But other times, they show very little.

It was almost as if everyone kind of breathed a sigh of relief that Roethlisberger was back and forgot they still had a game to play.

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