Notebook: Dwyer 'Different Person'

Wednesdays are always big in the Steelers' locker room. Here's a look at the return of Jonathan Dwyer, and much more:

PITTSBURGH -- A fit Jonathan Dwyer said that his Steelers teammtes "were glad to see me. Guys were happy. I was happy to be back. My family's happy. That's all that matters."

It will matter more if Dwyer can make the most of this second chance.

In two weeks, Dwyer has gone from a fumbling, bumbling and stumbling running back on the waiver wire to a running back who's getting one more chance with the Steelers. And he swears he's been awakened by the recent events.

"I just picked up the whole fact of this whole situation, everything that's happened," said Dwyer. "Now I'm just going to make sure to always take care of my business and always take care of my job. They're going to see a different person, period."

Dwyer said he was blindsided when, on the final day of August, Steelers General Manager Kevin Colbert called last year's leading rusher into his office to tell him he had been cut.

"I was shocked, but I took the situation like a man," said Dwyer, who said he soon left his Pittsburgh-area home to work out in Florida.

He had tryouts with the New York Giants and New England Patriots, but wasn't signed. Dwyer said he wasn't disturbed that his phone wasn't ringing.

"I wasn't panicking," he said. "I had a conversation with my agent. A lot of teams were surprised, just like I was surprised. A lot of people were just caught off guard with it. I know that God has a plan for me. I know He hasn't brought me this far just to let myself fail, and I know I'm not done. I'm 24 years old and so my career's just started, in all reality. All I can do is move on from it, look back and learn the certain things that you learned through the process of it, and make sure you don't put yourself in that situation again."


Dwyer is expected to see playing time in Cincinnati on Monday behind starter Isaac Redman, and possibly Felix Jones -- if Jones has made some progress with his playbook.

"Well yeah definitely still learning, still getting accustomed to what's going on," said Jones. "But I'm picking up on it fast."

Jones was traded to the Steelers by the Philadelphia Eagles on Aug. 23. He showed in preseason games that he still has a burst and the cutback ability the Steelers need behind their new zone-blocking scheme.

"I worked hard this off-season to get into shape," Jones said. "I feel great. I was getting ready to play this year. Things just change. You've got to be prepared for it and continue to fight."

Jones nearly cost the Steelers a timeout by not getting on the field in time for a third-and-1 play, but the Steelers were able to get the snap off, just before Isaac Redman fumbled into the end zone.

"Things just happened and I couldn't get out there fast enough," Jones said.


* Le'Veon Bell still hasn't dressed for practice, and, as continually reported here, is a long way from returning to live action.

* Heath Miller told reporters he took part in practice, because those watching weren't sure.

* Will Johnson participated fully and said his hamstring is 100 percent and he'll play Monday.

* Cortez Allen sat out practice with an ankle injury and is questionable for Monday. Allen drew praise from teammate Ryan Clark last year for the job he did covering Bengals star receiver A.J. Green while Ike Taylor was injured.

"Ike did the better job last year," Clark said Wednesday. "It would be nice to have them both. I think if you have them both you still keep Ike on (Green) and follow him around. So I don't think it changes the game plan in any way not having Cortez in."


Chris Carter on not coming up with the onside kick Sunday:

"It's a play I gotta make. It was right there. I just misjudged it. Going back and looking at it on film I've got to make that play. Had I made that, you never know, we could've went out of there and made something happen, possibly walked out of there with a win. It didn't go through my hands but it was close enough where I need to make the play."

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