Get To Know: Arthur Moats

Steelers reserve linebacker Arthur Moats is a nice guy -- in spite of any or all actions on the field this training camp.

LATROBE -- He didn't look like such a nice guy last night under the lights. There was Arthur Moats, being filmed by the team videographer beating Kelvin Beachum around the edge on the first snap of one-on-one drills.

Beachum hung tough on the rep, so perhaps Moats lost track of where he was, but he got to the end and reached up and hammered the camera with a roundhouse club. To his credit, the cameraman held on and spared his equipment any further damage.

Hey, maybe Moats thought it was the ball. You know what they say around here: I'd rather say whoa then sic em. So, whoa, here's the new linebacker by way of the Buffalo Bills:

Arthur Moats, LB, Pittsburgh Steelers

Q: I can't help but notice your play. You have to feel good about what you're doing out there.

AM: Yeah, I mean, the first couple days been doing well. Just gotta continue to build on it. I'm still getting back acclimated to being on the edge, but it definitely feels good to be out there.

Q: Looks like you're at home there. Is that where you belong?

AM: It's something I've been playing since high school, as far as playing the edge.

Q: In a 3-4?

AM: Yeah 3-4. Even when I was a 4-3 D-end it's still similar as far as your gap schemes and stuff like that and rushing the passer. The only difference between the 3-4 and the 4-3 is the coverage aspect of it. But for me, I just feel like I'm getting back to being fundamentally sound as far as using my hands more from being on half a man, versus being on the inside and you're always taking on guys whole, so from that aspect I'm getting back used to that.

Q: So nothing here will favor you more than Buffalo?

AM: Right.

Q: How did Buffalo let you go?

AM: They had a new scheme coming in with Jim Schwartz and I felt like they were going in a different direction, but that's fine. The organization, as far as who brought me in, was Chan Gailey, and I had George Edwards as my defensive coordinator. Three, four coordinators in, they had a different perspective of me. But that's in the past. I'm just excited about this opportunity.

Q: Are you just in a good mood today? Or are you always like this?

AM: Always in a good mood. Always. My thing is this man: We could always be somewhere worse. If my worst day is up at training camp, I'm blessed.

Q: You're a backup. Can that change?

AM: I always feel that can change. I feel as long as I'm focused on getting better every day and continuing to be productive, everything will take care of itself.

Q: What do you weigh?

AM: Like 250.

Q: You seem more of a small, quick end out there.

AM: You're used to LaMarr Woodley and James Harrison out here. That's a big difference (laughs).

Q: Well James Harrison was never in this good of a mood.

AM: That's what I hear (laughs).

Q: How can linebackers be nice?

AM: For me, when the pads come on, I turn that switch on. But when I'm off the field I like to keep that side away for a little bit.

Q: How do you like Pittsburgh?

AM: Oh, man, I'm loving it. From the fans, from just everybody in the organization, I'm definitely enjoying it. My family, we're enjoying it up here as well. The only thing we have to get used to is the driving, as far as being in the city, the traffic's never been like that. Other than that I'm definitely enjoying it.

Q: Nice as Buffalo?

AM: Buffalo's definitely nice. The thing I liked about Buffalo was there was no traffic. Wherever you're going you can get there right away.

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