Steelers Rule Out Bell

The Steelers today ruled Le'Veon Bell out of Saturday night's playoff game against the Baltimore Ravens. Josh Harris up.

The last time the Pittsburgh Steelers turned to a rookie runner named Harris, a dynasty was born.

Well, Josh Harris is no Franco, but he's next up for the Steelers as they begin the 2014 playoffs without team MVP Le'Veon Bell.

Bell was ruled out Friday by the Steelers because of a hyperextended knee suffered from a low Reggie Nelson hit during Sunday's win over the Cincinnati Bengals.

Bell didn't blame Nelson for the injury, saying, "It's football. It's a dangerous sport. He got me down the way he could. That's that."

Up to the plate steps Harris, an undrafted rookie out of Wake Forest who was released by the Dallas Cowboys after glowing reports about his work in the spring. Harris signed with the Steelers on July 29 and made the practice squad out of camp. He was promoted to the active roster on Nov. 18, the day LeGarrette Blount was released.

Harris played in the final six games of the season while drawing respectful remarks from teammates about his power and speed,. His only carries occurred in the two Cincinnati games. He gained 16 yards on nine carries in those games, and had a 59-yard run called back Sunday because Ramon Foster's hold arguably kept open the hole on the right side through which Harris bolted.

Here's a Q&A with Harris from New Year's Eve:

Q: Are you going to sleep well the rest of the week?

JH: "Oh, yeah. I'm just trying not to make it too much and just stay as calm as I can."

Q: It's going to be hard, isn't it?

JH: "Yeah, but it's cool."

Q: Le'Veon looked good walking around today.

JH: "Yeah. Me, personally, I hope he does play. He's a big, huge part of our offense, so I feel we have a much better chance with him. But if he doesn't, I feel I can spell him and do some of the things he has done."

Q: How's your pass-blocking?

JH: "I'm pretty good. It's more about understanding who you have. So as soon as you know who you have and where you need to look, that's the battle."

Q: That's not easy for rookies, is it?

JH: "No, it's not. ... It is hard for rookies just for the fact you're seeing a lot, you've got a mission, you know the play, and you're more worried about that than actually who you need to block. I feel as soon as you know the play that's called, and then you're able to see everybody, I should be all good."

Q: When asked about potential plan changes for the Ravens, your defensive teammates all say, 'They haven't seen 40 yet.' How have you gotten everybody's respect so soon?

JH: "I don't know. I just make sure I do all the things I need to do and try to practice as hard as I can, so as soon as my time comes I'll be all set."

Q: After what happened to you with Dallas, this is taking on a nice ending, isn't it?

JH: "Oh, yeah. It's nice to see your hard work pay off. You work hard your whole life and to finally get to the spot like this, when you have an actual shot to show it, it's - it's - it's nice."

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