Welcome back, Doug Legursky

We Are Marshall and other salutations from the reunited Steelers center who would be, could be, Maurkice Pouncey's replacement. Again.

Doug Legursky, C-G, Pittsburgh Steelers

Q: It's got to feel good to be back here?

DL: Yeah it feels good to be back in the Burgh, back to my old number 64. It feels like I'm finally settling in.

Q: The state of West Virginia says everything's back to normal, doesn't it?

DL: Yeah. I've gotten a lot of communication from guys back home, former coaches and stuff. Everybody's real happy for me to be back in Pittsburgh, where it's close to home for a lot of those guys.

Q: It's not San Diego weather, though.

DL: I'm an East Coast kind of guy. It was weird for me being out there. Yeah, the weather was nice but it definitely felt weird on Christmas being on the beach.

Q: Have you had enough of sunny and hot anyway?

DL: Yeah. I missed training camp with these guys so they're sick of it more than I am. But, yeah, I'm more of a cold-weather kind of guy anyway, so I'm excited about that.

Q: Did you see your boys yesterday?

DL: Who's that?

Q: You're a Marshall guy, right?

DL: Oh, yeah. Great game. Playing against Kugler, our old offensive line coach's son, at center. I was watching him when they were on offense; watching our guys when we were on offense. Big win for us.

Q: I assumed he would've transferred to UTEP by now.

DL: (Laughs) Guess he's going into his senior year.

Q: Hanging out there for a day, did you know their plan or were you nervous?

DL: They informed me what was going on. You guys and everybody out there, as soon as it hit the wire everyone was trying to figure out the plan. We knew Pouncey had to be on the roster for a day to get bounced down to half-year IR. If it's me going on the street for 24 hours, no problem.

Q: How did you feel in your 10 days of practice?

DL: I felt good. Played the whole last game to see how the knee would do throughout a long period of a game. Felt really good. The game's starting to slow down for me again. As soon as you get back, people talk about being rusty and stuff. For an offensive lineman, lot of moving bodies around you, it's about the speed of everybody moving past you until you get into the groove and the game starts slowing down a little bit. I was definitely feeling that during the game, so that was a good feeling. Just the more and more I practice with the guys around me, the more comfortable I'll be.

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