Steelers QB discusses injury status, practice schedule in group interview

Ben Roethlisberger will practice today after feeling that his foot was "broke in half" during last Sunday's game. Here's the transcript:

 Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Pittsburgh Steelers

Q: What did the doctor have to say?

BR: It was a good visit. We're working hard with the trainers and stuff. We'll just keep taking our time, take it day by day.

Q: Sunday still possible?

BR: I hope so.

Q: Out of walking boot?

BR: Yep.

Q: Do you have to wear a special shoe?

BR: We're going to try some different insoles, not necessarily shoes but plates and things under there. We're going to try some stuff.

Q: Vets under Mike have been allowed to play after missing practice. Does that hold true for the QB position?

BR: I hope so. I think it helps that I know the offense well enough. If we had to we could just go no-huddle and do a lot of things like that. We'll see how it goes. It's always coach's decision.

Q: Still feeling progress every day?

BR: Yes, absolutely.

Q: With it being your left foot, is there a concern that your stride will be affected?

BR: Well I've already got a left knee and everything. It's the whole left leg, but, no, if I can't do that there's no need to be out there.

Q: Is there a silver lining in that there's a bye week following the game? If you can't go this week?

BR: It obviously helps to have the bye week finally but my goal is always just to get better as fast as possible. If possible, if I'm feeling good enough and coach determines that I'm doing well enough to be out there Sunday, then that's the goal.

Q: You've been durable. How tough is it mentally to deal with two injuries in one year?

BR: Very frustrating. I can deal with it mentally but it is frustrating. Obviously God has a bigger plan for my legs than I do. Things happen for a reason. You just have to keep telling yourself that there's a bigger picture. It's not my plan.

Q: What are the chances of you playing?

BR: That's coach's call, so I can't give you a percentage because my percentage is probably different from his percentage. We'll go out today and see how it feels. I'll have a better understanding after today's stuff.

Q: On the field, were you concerned it was something more than a sprain?

BR: Yes. I kind of sat there for a second and I went to get up. Got help getting up and I went to take a step and it felt like the middle of my foot was just broke in half. Doc was convinced it was the Lis Franc and that was kind of scary. We were blessed when we got back to the x-rays and saw it wasn't that.

Q: Do you plan on practicing today?

BR: Yes, I do, like as long as coach lets me go. I'm going to get dressed here in a second and go out there.

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