Tuesday Camp Notes: The Good, Bad, and Worst

<b>LATROBE -</b> The Steelers signed free agent tight end Jay Riemersma with the hope he would give them an added weapon in their passing game.

In the always fun running back/tight end picking up a blitzing linebacker drill, Riemersma was beaten badly every time he stepped up. First it was Justin Kurpeikis schooling the eight-year veteran. Next up was Jason Gildon. And finally, Joey Porter whipped him so bad with a swim move that Riemersma was left lying on the ground face down.

Fans were lining up along the hill trying to be the next one to get a shot at him.

To make matters worse, Riemersma hasn't looked all that good catching the ball, either.

Somewhere, Tom Donahoe is laughing.

Others who impressed during the drill included James Harrison, who doesn't seem to want to get to the quarterback during the drill as much as he wants to inflict bodily harm on whoever is lining up in front of him. Of course Harrison didn't look nearly as good when he lined up in the team drills as even Riemersma stoned the second-year linebacker.

Rookie Alonzo Jackson looked good during the drill at times and not so good other times. He obviously has to get stronger, but he is lightning-quick.

Amos Zereoue struggled picking up the blitzer, first whiffing on Clark Haggans and then getting schooled by Porter.

In the defensive line/offensive line drills, Casey Hampton was pretty much unstoppable and seems to be on mission to show he hasn't lost anything despite his obvious girth. Later, he batted down the first pass of the team drills at the line of scrimmage.

For his sake, you hope he doesn't eat himself out of the league because he could be one of the great ones.

Todd Fordham looked better in these drills than Oliver Ross, not that it means anything yet.

Mathias Nkwenti continues his inconsistent play. He was beaten badly by Kendrell Bell on one play, but rebounded on the next to stone Porter.

The guy is a coach killer.

Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala had a ball stripped from him by Bell during the team session. Head coach Bill Cowher gave him a little tongue lashing.

Hank Poteat was taken from the field on a cart after hurting his shoulder. Maybe he sees the writing on the wall and is working on his scholarship year.

Dale Lolley

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