Legendary LBer on the Pittsburgh Steelers' state of readiness for Sunday's game

Sometimes you don't bring much to an interview and Friday was one of those days. Read how James Harrison handled my dull and dumber questions about the Steelers' state of readiness.

 James Harrison, OLB, Pittsburgh Steelers

Q: Can you comment on today's happenings with A.B. ruled out and Ben practicing?

JH: Uh, A.B.'s out and Ben took partial reps at practice today. (Chuckles) What else is there?

Q: You've played with Ben so many years. With AB being out, are you expecting Ben to become even more inspired and rise to the challenge against Peyton Manning?

JH: I see Ben going out there and doing things that he does. Same thing he has been doing the last 10 years or so. I mean, we would like to have AB but we don't. Next man up. Keep going.

Q: Do you treasure these playoff games more later in your career?

JH: Any time you get an opportunity to advance to the ultimate goal is special. But it's no more or no less special than previous playoff games I've been in. Some people don't get to make the playoffs their whole career but I've been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be there a few times. I'm just taking it in stride. We'll go out and see what happens.

Q: You've seen teams get ready for big wins in the playoffs. You've seen teams that have come up short like the Tebow game. Have you been able to gauge moods and levels of preparedness?

JH: You can try and gauge this and gauge that. That's bull.

Q: It doesn't work?

JH: No (chuckles). It doesn't work. You can go through like a great week of practice. I mean, everything is just great. And go out there and lose the game. You can go out there and have a horrible week of practice and go out there and kill a team. I mean, you can't gauge from that.

Q: How would you say this week has been with all of the chaos going on?

JH: I think things have been normal. I'm trying to figure out what the chaos was.

Q: Well, the quarterback not being there. That's No. 1.

JH: That's part of the game. Things like that happen. You hope it doesn't happen, but if it does you prepare and you get moving and the next man up comes in and does his job. Hopefully.

Q: So, smooth week? Good week?

JH: Yeah.

Q: But you're not ready to say that means anything?

JH: That don't mean nothing. Good week or a bad week means nothing. It's all about what happens on that Sunday, what you do that Sunday. Yeah, you would like to go into a game off a great week of practice when all is smooth, but sometimes it doesn't happen like that. That's not really indicative of whether you're going to win or lose.

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