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James Harrison looking to put discredited claim behind him

James Harrison puts team before pursuit of liberty in NFL case

James Harrison and the NFL have agreed to an interview, which, according to Harrison's agent Bill Parise, will be held at the Pittsburgh Steelers facility on the South Side on Aug. 29 at 5 p.m.

"When it came down to it," Harrison explained after the Steelers' 17-0 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, "if it went to a longer situation, I got the suspension. You know, the bigger outcome wasn't really worth it. I wouldn't be on the team. It would hurt the team. It would hurt my teammates and coaches. So you know, it was easier to just do the interview I guess."

Harrison and three other players have been embroiled in a controversy that's been caused by the league's desire to pursue a since-retracted claim by a unwittingly miked informant for the Al-Jezeera America Network regarding the alleged use of performance enhancing drugs.

Harrison has vehemently denied using PEDs and has passed every league test, including one earlier this week.

"They are asking me about PEDs, so I mean ask away," Harrison said. "You can ask me about PEDs. I never took a PED in my life. I never failed a drug test. You know, so it's simple. Whatever evidence they think they may have or reasoning for questioning me is out of my control. I really don't know.

"I wouldn't have a problem with it being filmed," he added. "Just to, you know, make sure there are no questions of what's going on. That way I've been prosecuted and persecuted, you know, in the media by them for something that I didn't do. So I don't see why we couldn't have the media there and do a live interview. They can ask their questions and I can answer them and y'all can see whatever evidence there is that they say they got or don't have."

Harrison was asked if it was a difficult decision to agree to the interview.

"Not after it was all said and done. You know, when it comes down to it, if it goes to a kind of detrimental -- it leans to the hands of that crook, I mean, Roger Goodell, and he can do whatever he wants, you know? I mean, that's just the CBA that the players signed. That's why the Steelers voted no."


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