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'We need to clean up everything,' say players after loss in Philadelphia

Dale Lolley found truth in the Steelers' locker room, and it wasn't pretty following 34-3 loss

PHILADELPHIA - NFL teams are accustomed to losing. It comes with the territory, since going unbeaten isn’t typically a consideration. But that doesn’t mean the Pittsburgh Steelers had to be all too pleased with what transpired in Sunday’s 34-3 loss at Philadelphia.

The Steelers didn’t block well. They didn’t tackle well. They didn’t catch the ball well. They didn’t do anything well.

“We need to clean up everything,” said linebacker James Harrison. “We got our asses kicked in everything.

“A loss is a loss, but when you get yourself kicked around in every phase of the game, it’s a little different.”

Different indeed.

The Steelers knew they didn’t have a shutdown defense. But they thought their offense was explosive enough to cover up for that. Three points in four quarters says that’s not the case.

Antonio Brown was really the only offensive player who did a legitimate job of winning his battles in this game, finishing with 12 receptions for 140 yards. But lest you think he’s just all about the stats, he wasn’t happy, either.

“It’s all about winning and losing and today we got our butts kicked,” said Brown. “It’s not about what we did individually. Collectively, we sucked. We got blown out.”

While the offense was struggling, the defense had some of the same issues that troubled it in the team’s first two games, albeit in wins. There was no pressure on the quarterback and tackling guys in space was a problem.

“Not tackling well, not rallying to the screens better, not winning third downs. We got our ass kicked,” said defensive end Cam Heyward. “I got my ass kicked. Everybody got their ass kicked. We’ve got to learn from this.”

They aren’t going to like what they see when they watch this one on film, regardless of the unit. Heck, even typically steady placekicker Chris Boswell booted one low enough to get one blocked moments after Markus Wheaton dropped a touchdown pass in the first quarter.

“I started the game off on the wrong foot,” said Wheaton. “It’s frustrating, trying to get the trust back from my teammates. And then to go out and do that.”


But Wheaton wasn’t alone in stinking up the joint in this game. And, heck, the Steelers have been stinking the joint up in Philadelphia for longer than some of these guys' parents have been alive.

That doesn’t make it any easier to stomach, though.

“We stunk,” said quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. “Yeah, we all stunk.”

@ The Steelers had a lot of injuries in this one, including linebacker Lawrence Timmons being taken to the hospital to have his shin checked out. Timmons was in the locker room after the game and wasn't on crutches, so that's a good thing. He also just had a minor wrap on the shin, so he appears to be OK.

We'll see about some of the other guys moving forward, but Ramon Foster (chest) and Robert Golden (hamstring) would appear to be the ones that might keep them out of next week's game against Kansas City. Neither guy was in the locker room.


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