The trade turned out only to involve a backup safety Anthony Mitchell.">
The trade turned out only to involve a backup safety Anthony Mitchell.">

Brunell to the Ravens, bite your tongue!

The slug on a story that moved on the Associated Press wire Tuesday was definitely one that would catch they eye of anyone interested in the Steelers. <br><br>The slug read "Jaguars-Ravens Trade."<br><br>The trade turned out only to involve a backup safety Anthony Mitchell.

But it certainly got me thinking. The fact that the front offices of the Jaguars and Ravens are cozying up together has to make Steelers fans nervous.


The Ravens are considered only a quarterback away from being a team that can challenge the Steelers for the AFC North Division title.

Jacksonville, meanwhile, is ready to jettison longtime quarterback Mark Brunell in favor of first-round draft pick Byron Leftwich, who has looked very sharp during the preseason.

Could it be a marriage made in heaven?


But a trade would be tough to pull off. Due a $6.75-million base salary this season, Brunell makes too much money for that to happen.

Side deals, however, can be worked out and permission to renegotiate can be given to the right team.

A Baltimore team quarterbacked by Brunell would be bad news for the Steelers.

Current quarterbacks Chris Redman and Kyle Boller, a rookie, are the only things that could keep Baltimore from being a playoff team this season.

Between the two of them, they have six NFL starts.

The Steelers figure to blitz the pants off of whichever one is unfortunate enough to start the regular season opener.

Brunell, on the other hand, would be the best quarterback Baltimore has had since Art Modell moved the franchise from Cleveland.

It's a little late in the preseason for Brunell to make a difference for the Ravens early in the season, but remember, the Steelers close out the regular season with a game at Baltimore.

Is this a likely scenario to occur? Probably not. But don't think evil coach Wiley Genius Billick hasn't thought about acquiring a gunslinger like Brunell.

Dale Lolley

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