Wednesday Apple Pie

In honor of the approaching season<br> Where fans lose all rhyme and reason<br> I serve this quaint treat of word play unique<br> To celebrate the start of football mystique<br>

The Browns are vile, hated and scary
With Holcomb in charge one need be wary
The Colts can't stop the offensive attack
The Niners' hopes rest on Garcia's back

The Bengals? Still bums, no doubt about it
The Tuna's in Dallas to teach some grit
The Broncos gave Griese back to the Fins
And then signed Plummer; don't know which team wins

The new back in Houston is Stacey Mack
While folks in Atlanta heard a mighty big crack
The Priest is feeling all better and hip
While Big Blue hopes Collins keeps a good grip

The Titans are everyone's darkhorse
While the Raiders dominance has run its course
The Redskins and Eagles will fight for honors
While the Cardinals are once again goners

The Pats and Bills are a pass happy lot
While the Chargers and Bears simply are not
Bret Favre's kingdom is the NFC North
While the Vikings and Lions fight for fourth

Fred Taylor is hurt, that is no surprise
While the Great Show on Turf surely will rise
The Seahawks are always good on paper
And Pittman's life is a madcap caper

The Saints are holy until week seven
While the Panthers have no chance in heaven
The Raven's will give the Steelers big fits
But, the Burgh will rise and Ravens will sit

So enjoy the season in its glory
The Burgh may not win, that's the same story
Yet, the chances are better than years past
But Maddox must be sharp and defense fast

The Bus must run and the Ward must catch well
Let's hope that the line is starting to gel
I foresee a season of 12 and 4
After that we can hope for much more

So bring on the season, wins and losses
Say bye to the wife, flip off your bosses
Grab 7 beers and a ham on rye
For next week brings back major Apple Pie

Fruits of Labor (stock is rising)

  • Ike Taylor – Some think he'll be a starter next season.

Rotten Produce (stock is falling)

  • Charlie Batch He looked pretty sloppy and unfocused against the first team Dallas defense. However, the line didn't give him much time to think.


  • Carolina officials are holding a Stuff the Bus campaign this week. Don't they know that Amos is the starter? It's a bit anti-climactic now.
  • Did someone predict Baltimore as AFC North champs this season? Well, that sure is a chic pick right now, but the more likely chic pick is Buffalo in the East.

Ready for Picking

Pittsburgh Steelers at Carolina Panthers
August 29th, 8:00 pm at Ericsson Stadium

Pittsburgh has survived most of the preseason. Can the starters make it through one more quarter of football healthy? Knock on wood.

Coming Up

Next week I will unveil the 2003 Week 1 PowerCore Power Rankings, the first Six-Pack, more Thoughts Assisted by Yuengling, and a further defined Missed Point Opportunity system (MPO). Plus, my first visit with Super-Fan Pappy Fried Chicken and response to the impending Steeler season from the Girl Apple.

John Biles

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