Not Much Out There in Early Cuts

While there will be many more cuts announced later today by NFL teams cutting down to the 53 players with whom they start the regular season, the pickings thus far is pretty slim for clubs looking to improve their own roster with late acquisitions from the waiver wire.

Here is a list of the top veteran players let go by NFL teams through Sunday morning. There should be about 200 names hitting the list today or tomorrow. Former Steelers 2nd pick, Troy Edwards was cut by the Rams.

Mike Quinn - Houston Texans
Danny Wuerffel - Washington Redskins
Randy Fasani -Carolina Panthers

Running Backs:

Dan Alexander - Jacksonville Jaguars
Mike Malan - New England Patriots

Wide Receivers:
Martay Jenkins - Atlanta Falcons
James Jet t- Buffalo Bills
Kevin Lockett -Jacksonville Jaguars
Donald Hayes -Jacksonville Jaguars
James Jett - Buffalo Bills

Tight Ends:
Luthor Broughton - Green Bay Packers
Roland Williams - Oakland Raiders

Offensive Linemen:
Jerry Wisne - Green Bay Packers (T)
Rod Jones - Washington Redskins (T)
Tre' Johnson - Washington Redskins (G)

Defensive Linemen:
Shawn Price - Detroit Lions (DE)
Steve Warren -Green Bay Packers (DT)
Reggie McGrew - Jacksonville Jaguars (DT)
Marco Coleman - Jacksonville Jaguars (DE)
James Cannida - Washington Redskins (DT)

Brandon Spoon - Buffalo Bills
Johnny Rutledge - Baltimore Bills
Jerry Schumacher - Chicago Bears

Defensive Backs:
Tony Driver - Buffalo Bills (S)
Emmanuel McDaniel - Carolina Panthers (CB)
Ben Kelly - Denver Broncos (CB)
Bobby Walker - Denver Broncos (S)
Ike Charleton - Jacksonville Jaguars (CB)
Lloyd Harrison - Washington Redskins (CB)
Alex Molden - Washington Redskins (CB)

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