SteelQuotes:What did McAlister say to get flag ?

<b>ANTWAAN RANDLE EL</b> <br> I didn't know he said it. You know, people are going to talk stuff all season. We know what we are. He gave us single, they doubled Plax a lot, they went cover two a lot. <br><br> <b>Talking? </b> <br> All day long. But it's expected. They're just Baltimore. It's fun to a point but you have to concentrate to play after a while. It's not hard to do. Not at all.

Is this what to expect rest of year?
Everybody won't play us like that. Everybody will have a different scheme week-in and week-out.

How did they play you?
They did everything, but did they practice everything? They probably only wanted to practice two, three, four different coverages and had to do something they didn't want to do.

How was your experience at QB?
Pretty good except for the draw. That's just me trying to make a play.

Do they respect you now?
Somebody's going to take notice of us. I mean, we're not the best but we really complement one another. And with the addition of Jay, it's going to do nothing but help Plax and I out there. The whole time me and Plax were out there, 'Y'all going to give us some respect, some way somehow.' That's all I kept hearing out of Plax's mouth. He was telling everybody. It was just a great thing. Our passing game, we knew it was coming along. Tommy was distributing the ball to everyone. We feel good about our chances.

What did McAlister say to draw the flag?
I can't say on TV. He's a competitor. He hates to get beat and recently we had some success against Baltimore. I hope they give us some respect and at least say we're decent.

On passing Swann?
Man, that's big. Everybody knows Lynn Swann here and all the great things he did here. And me being so young and to already pass him, words can't describe. Like I said, it's just amazing because it only seemed like yesterday I got here and was a special teams guy. And now I've worked my way up and now I'm third on the all-time Steelers list. It just goes to show how hard work and determination are paying off. It's a great honor to pass him. Like I said, he's one of the greatest in team history and I'm just glad to be a part of it.

Best way to start?
It is. The last two years we started off pretty slow. That was our whole thing coming into this year. Let's not dig a hole. Let's start fast and what more than to have Baltimore come in our backyard and for us to beat them the way we did, it feels good.

2nd TD?
Just don't drop it. Always have dreams of me being wide open and dropping a pass. Jay ran a great route and took care of the safety and it was just me on the cornerback and I ended up beating him. Tommy threw a great pass and I was so wide open I said 'Please don't drop this ball.'

Gale Sayers jersey?
He was one of the best that ever done it but he doesn't get a lot of recognition.

McAlister didn't think he was any good either, did he?
I really was just out there trying to make plays.

Were you goaded into the penalty?
He pushed my face back into the dirt. I'm not a dirty player but I have a short fuse. I don't like to get into anything, but I did and I apologized to my team for it.

Do they respect you now?
I was always taught when you don't have respect for people you kind of get a false security about yourself, and then when you get out there it's like 'Wow, whoa.' If you don't have any respect for us, that's you. That's why you've got Sundays. They do all the talking and we just go out there and back it up. Just look at the scoreboard. It just speaks for itself.

Best way to start?
Since I've been here we hadn't won an opening game and it really feels good to be 1-0, especially on your own field. And those guys were talking about winning the AFC North on the last day of the season. We're worried about the first game. Now we won't have to work so hard during the season to catch up to people.

Anyone better you'd enjoy doing this against?
For some reason those are the guys that talk the most. All it does is fire us up. We say little things but we respect players. When teams are out there degrading you, you want to step up and show them and that's what we did as a whole.

How was Maddox?
He couldn't have played any better. All the throws were there and the offensive line did a great job. Tommy came out and showed everybody what he's capable of doing. It's the first game and we plan on getting better.

Paying tribute to Porter by wearing 55 on helmet?
Yeah. He's my dog, man. I got love for Joey. He's like a brother to me. When my mom passed he was one of the guys that called me. Ever since that day me and him have had a special relationship. I kind of felt what he was going through. Before the game, in the locker room, we got together as a team, getting ready to pray, and you could see a guy bending over on the counter bending over with tears in his eyes because he couldn't be out there. It kind of sent a message to all of us that just go out there and play hard every down because you never know what's going to happen. To see him with tears in his eye because he can't play because of something that was totally out of his control, it kind of puts things in perspective and you've got to go out and cherish every minute.

Did Ray Lewis respect you?
He was out there whooping and hollering when the score was like 30-7. He got a good hit on Verron and he was talking trash and everybody just kind of rallied around him. They've got one good player on the defense and the rest of them are followers. Instead of those guys creating emotion by themselves, they just follow off of him. He ignites that team. When he does great things, they all pat him on the helmet and do great things. They've got one good player on defense and the rest follow him.

What does it mean for rest of season if you can score 34 against Ray Lewis' team?
Ooooh (as if he's scared). That's one game. That's just one game. We've got a lot of football to go. If we're not making mistakes ourselves, we're pretty tough to stop.

They wanted to stop the run?
I imagine so. That's the thought process of a lot of teams. That's what controls the football game.

What were they doing?
Blitzing, giving us different looks. They gave up a lot of big plays and I think a lot of the thought process was stopping the run.

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