Dirty birdies exposed

<b>Let the spirit move you</b><br><br> Have you ever amused yourself with one of those holographic photographs? They display one picture or scene then show a completely different picture or scene when you <I>move</I> them.<br><br> This is the entire working concept of the Baltimore Ravens organization, top to bottom. The whole thing got <I>moved</I> a little bit Sunday and I can't wait to see what it looks like now.

Owner Art Model was "trying to negotiate a new stadium deal in Cleveland" until he was moved by a more lucrative offer in Baltimore. Once moved, Art looked to have no intention of working out a deal with Cleveland, amazing.

Head Coach Brian Billick "couldn't wait to win this year's division title from Pittsburgh in the last game of the season" until he was moved by the power of printed word (again). Once he saw what he had said, he was shifted into a completely different point of view. It turns out what he said isn't what he read at all. His point of view is determined solely by where he happens to be sitting at the time, an endless source of entertainment.

Team Captain Ray Lewis told Joey Porter "this (Heinz Stadium) was his house". After the movement he took Sunday, it shouldn't be too long before we discover that the regular beatings he receives here remind him of home. Once you understand it … well, we may never completely understand it.

It must be love

Baltimore linebacker Ray Lewis has gone out of his way to proclaim some long-term endearing friendship with head coach Cowher. Here's his proof: Ray will do a sort of "nod" in the general direction of coach Cowher. Bill, at some point, will look at him.


Hey, I wonder how many poor little girls have spoken the following testimonial: "All I did was return a "hello" to this jerk Ray Lewis, and by the time I rode the bus home I heard we were going steady and soon to be engaged!"

I am convinced that Ray Lewis in enamored with the entire Steelers organization and desperately wishes he were part of it. Every time the two teams play he turns it into some tough-guy interview for Bill Cowher. He can't help himself. He will go to any extent to be noticed by him.

Even if he has to insult an injured pro-bowl linebacker and then be summarily out-played by his back up, Ray will make sure he is noticed.

Painting by numbers

When Bill Cowher deactivated TE Mark Bruener, he told the world that his team was going to pass the Baltimore Ravens defense to death and there wasn't a darn thing they could do about it.

As the game unfolded, the blueprints had been neatly provided for the entire NFL to see. Any opponent can achieve the same results if only they color inside the lines.

The leagues 26th rated pass defense has done nothing to improve, and what was once a long season, has now become an endless one for Baltimore. The very game sleuthed to be the climax of the AFC North has in all likelihood been made meaningless.

Shawn Mitchell

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