Tunch Ilkin, X's & O's Week 2 ( Post-Game)

SteelCitySports.com presents our inside look at the Steelers X's and O's with former offensive tackle, turned radio broadcaster for the Steelers, Tunch Ilkin, and Tunch, not much good to say about the performance in Kansas City, there were a couple of bright spots at points, but there were also a lot of break downs.


Tunch talks post-game, what happened to the Steelers ?


Tunch – You know George, I think on the surface it's easy to dismiss this game as just a bad loss, and no positives, and I guess that you can say that, but as you look at the overall performance of the Steelers, the one thing that if I'm a fan or if I'm a coach I think is encouraging is that the breakdowns along the offensive line well it wasn't the same guy every time, the breakdowns on coverage teams, once again it wasn't the same guy, those are very small things, and sometimes it's the minutia of these games that cause the big differences. If you look at the kick off return that Dante Hall scored his touchdown, his 100 yard kickoff return for a touchdown, at one point there were two guys running down the same lane. Now, when that happens is you have an eight yard gap between two guys then, two guys running down the same lane, one guy getting blocked in, now that whole gap even gets wider. So Dante Hall goes up through a hole that George, you could have run through. And so what that does it results in 6, but I guarantee you, whoever was responsible for not covering that lane will not make the same mistake again. And a lot of times when you look at games like this the mistakes that you make that cause big plays, you know you expect those, but when it's the same mistake week in and week out, that's when it becomes a problem. And I think this coaching staff is way too good to allow that to happen again. 

George Von Benko - It was a loss, but it's not the end of the world, it's early in the season.   

Tunch - Well you knew they weren't going to go 16 – 0 George, I mean we all knew that and I think going into Kansas City you see a team that plays very well at home, that has a tremendous amount of offensive fire power and has great special teams, and so it's like a lot of things you know, you glean from a game certain things, I think the running game, which a lot of people, or lack there of, are alarmed about, I think that those things, the running game sometimes take a little bit longer to develop. And it's still early in the season. So I think that you just, you learn from it and you move on.  

George Von Benko - You know a lot of people were down on the defense and they did give up two long scoring drives, but you know, as I dissected and looked at things, I didn't think they played that bad in some spots.  

Tunch - No, I think they played actually pretty well, you know you figure Priest Holmes is gonna get some yardage, now you take away the 33 yard run for a touchdown, and then you've got Priest Holmes right around 85 yards rushing, and then you have two catches for 6 yards, well he's a non factor in the passing game, which he can kill ya in the passing game, he didn't hurt the Steelers that way. And really it was the one run that hurt them, but for the most part the Steeler defense did a good job of containing him, Priest Holmes is a great running back he's gonna get his yards. Trent Green really, uh, I don't know what his numbers were from the stand point of completion percentage, I know that it was well over 50%, but it was only for 125 yards. That Kansas City juggernaut offense, the Steelers did a great job of containing for the most part, and with the offensive line they have I think the Steelers did an outstanding job. Look, the plays that really killed the Steelers, was the punt return, the kick off return and the interception for a touchdown. Of course, the interception by Shawn Barber went for 6, that was earned, I don't know if it was Shawn Barber, well anyways, was it Shawn Barber, no, no was it Wesley, anyways, the interception for the touchdown was huge. And then the kickoff return for a touchdown was huge, and the punt return set up by Dante, also set up a touchdown by Priest Holmes, so three big plays resulted in 21 points and that was the difference in the ballgame.  

George Von Benko - looking at the mistakes that were made, all correctable at this point in the season.  

Tunch – Oh yea, that's, if I'm a coach that's what I'm encouraged about. I mean, it's a those are things that if your more disciplined in your lanes on the kick coverage teams, that can be remedied, if you're a little more protective with the ball, you know, you like that and then I think that if you just keep grinding it out as an offense the running game will improve as the season goes along, it happens every year, and lets face it the Steelers still have a lot of weapons.  

George Von Benko - Okay our posters question this week on SteelCitySports.com comes from SteelPappaThump who asked a question in the second week I believe, but it concerns the running game, we had nine questions about the Steelers running game, Uh, "Why did they abandon it against the Chiefs, when it looked like Kansas City was dropping a lot of people back?" and "Will we see a return of the power running game against Cincinnati?" and, "Will Bettis figure into that do you think?"  

Tunch - Well SteelPappa, let me say, they weren't dropping a lot of guys except in obvious passing situations, they had Greg Wesley their strong safety in the box most of the day, they ran a lot of first down blitzes to stop the Steeler running game, and so, and if your not running the ball well, I don't think it's a matter of abandoning the game, your just gonna take what the defense gives you. If you can't run the ball with the weapons that the Steelers have offensively I'm not gonna keep beating my head against the wall. Uh, and say, I'm gonna run the ball, and cut off my nose to spite my face, I think what I'm gonna to what the Kansas City Chiefs are giving me. Now having said that, I think the Steelers will try to establish the run against Cincinnati, and I wouldn't be surprised if we see a little bit more of the bus this week.  

George Von Benko - Okay Tunch that's our insiders look at Steeler football with former Steelers offensive tackle, Tunch Ilkin on SteelCitySports.com, I'm George Von Benko 

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