Revenge is sweet

Does revenge have a place in the NFL? <br><br> You betcha.<br><br> Many pundits argue that because the league is such a big business and the players view it as such, revenge is something only fans think about.

But you can bet Steelers cornerback Dewayne Washington has spent an entire offseason looking forward to playing the Tennessee Titans Sunday at Heinz Field.

It was Washington, you'll remember, who was the goat in the Steelers' season-ending playoff loss last season in Nashville, first giving up a long pass in overtime to Justin McCareins, then being penalized for running into placekicker Joe Nedney on a failed field goal attempt, giving the Titans a second chance to win the game.

Washington will deny that he feels a need to exact some form of retribution when asked about it by reporters, but you can bet he feels like he owes the Titans something.

And you can bet the Steelers feel like they owe Tennessee something after being beaten by the Titans twice last season. The loss that ends your season is one you don't usually forget and there is little chance the Steelers have forgotten that 34-31 overtime loss to Tennessee.

Dale Lolley

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