Season on the brink?

<b>PITTSBURGH -</b> Revenge, it seems, could only carry the Steelers for one quarter. <br><br> When push came to shove Sunday, the Steelers just didn't have enough to finish the deal against the Tennessee Titans. This is proving to be a mistake-prone team, offensively, defensively and on special teams.<br><br> Is the season over? Nope.

But it sure would be nice to see the Steelers show up for a big game that doesn't involve its opponent starting its backup quarterback, something that hasn't happened since they beat Indianapolis Oct. 21 last season. And that Colts team is just a shadow of this year's version.

© Earth calling Chad Scott, come in Chad Scott. You're the X-man all right. X marked that spot for that big target on your jersey Sunday.

© The Steelers and Titans combined for 18 penalties, it only seemed like more.

Eight of those penalties were for offensive or defensive holding. Again, it just seemed like more.

© Actually, Joey Porter was dragged to the ground in the third quarter by Brad Hopkins and in the second quarter on the most blatant hold of the game.

That extra time gave Drew Bennett time to beat Scott for a 42-yard catch in which Scott showed off those excellent ball skills head coach Bill Cowher raved about earlier this season.

© Tommy Maddox was under a lot of pressure Sunday, but that doesn't excuse some of the throws he made and some of the others he didn't. It just didn't look like he was seeing the field well.

© Having Kevin Carter and Jevon Kearse in his face all day will do that.

© You can start breaking out all of those Steelers' end zone jokes again. Five touchdowns in 15 trips inside the opposing 20 is downright pathetic.

© Tank Williams ran right over Rodney Bailey to get a piece of a Jeff Reed field goal attempt in the third quarter. Bailey only has 75 pounds on Williams, who drove him to his back.

© Everyone was waiting for Troy Polamalu to make a big play. He did Sunday, drawing a 15-yard penalty for grabbing Fred Miller's facemask in the third quarter.

© Oh, you wanted a big play FOR the Steelers.

© The Steelers need a running back in the worst way. Amos Zereoue is not a feature back and Jerome Bettis just can't be trusted to make it through an entire season.

Zereoue would be OK if the team would go with a spread offense on a full-time basis, but he failed to gain a single yard on eight carries in the second half Sunday.

In fact, throw out the gadget plays, and the Steelers' running game was back to its pre-Cincinnati self.

© Gadgets? We need some more stinking gadgets.

© Sorry, watched Blazing Saddles the other night. Still cracks me up after all the times I've seen it.

© Excuse me while I whip this out.

© Steve McNair threw incomplete to Derrick Mason on a first down play from the Pittsburgh 47 with 11:49 remaining in the first half.

Just thought you might be wondering when exactly his only incompletion came.

© One bright spot for the Steelers was the play of their defensive line. Casey Hampton had his typical disruptive day and Aaron Smith and Kimo von Oelhoffen had five tackles each, shutting down any Tennessee running game. That gave the Steelers several opportunities for a comeback, since Tennessee couldn't run off the clock.

Not that it was a good thing.

Dale Lolley

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