Understanding adversity and watching the effects,

So after two demoralizing losses you still have not given up? <br><br> Good, because what we saw in both losses could have been worse. We might not have had these early leads to squander. The Steelers have had two things thrown at them this season that might have been better dealt with later in the year:

-The Kansas City Chiefs offensive line
-The Tennessee Titans defensive line.

To compound things the Steelers were missing key players needed to ward off the effects of both teams' strong suits. This caused great adversity. They failed to overcome it. Both KC and Tennessee like to throw all of their eggs in one basket and push you around with it. Give coach Vermeil another team to build and you will see the newest best offensive line in football. Do the same with coach Fisher and the same would be said about his defensive line.

The Steelers will not have the best line of any kind because they tend to distribute the wealth, taking the team approach. The benefits take more time to realize, as it takes longer for the entire supporting cast to work in concert than a hand full of lineman. So we will always have some sort of adversity to overcome, particularly this early in the season. To succeed they have to hit on all cylinders.

The Steelers are not hitting on all cylinders, yet. It is easy to overlook this year's April showers bringing May showers, and June showers, and July showers…. Hey that's just not right, the song guarantees us flowers, and the Steelers had to remove them all. Much of this years training camp was spent indoors. Some juggling of the offensive line was performed and pointing at their shortcomings becomes irresistible, but wrong.

If you need something to point to, make it the way the Steelers imploded after one single play of adversity against top competition. After the kick-off return for a touchdown against the Chiefs, the entire team went flat.

Sunday we watched the best defensive line we will probably ever see, and it wasn't ours. Once again the Steelers had forgotten about the wealth of talent they were competing against and rolled up an early lead. Unfortunately, we watched one single play of adversity change the entire course of another game against us. Eventually people will go back to that safety and see the ugly truth.

Again, if you need something to point at, make it the way the Steelers imploded after one single play of adversity against top competition.

By now, coach Cowher has a feel to whom to look in tough times. There are some new players who have taken the game to a full 60 minutes in the face of adversity. The list grows.

More to follow…

Shawn Mitchell

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