Urgency needed

<b>PITTSBURGH -</b> Where's the urgency?<br><br> The Steelers played with none Sunday night, while the Cleveland Browns had plenty. <br><br> That was the difference in my mind between the two teams in Cleveland's 33-13 whipping of the Steelers at Heinz Field. So now we have a Steelers team that is 2-3 for the fourth time in the past five years. On only one of those occasions have the Steelers rebounded to make the playoffs - last season.

With their next three games being against Denver, St. Louis and Seattle, we're going to find out over the next month - there's an off week scheduled in there - whether or not this team has any heart or not.

They'd better find some kind of rallying point.

© That was a nice game Clark Haggans had against the Browns, accounting for three of the team's 10 penalties. The biggest of those was a penalty for being offsides on a kickoff. The Steelers had tackled Andre Davis at the 22, but on the re-kick, Davis blew through the Steelers coverage team, taking the ball to the Pittsburgh 23.

The Steelers had just cut the Cleveland lead to 10-3, but three plays after Davis' return, Tim Couch hit Kevin Johnson for a 9-yard TD pass and the rout was on.

Not content that he had totally blown things for the Steelers, later in the first half, Haggans was penalized for a block above the waist on Antwaan Randle El's punt return for a touchdown. Sure, the Steelers recovered from that mistake and took the ball down the field to cut the score to 16-10, but that was a big momentum killer.

How psyched would the defense had been to take the field following Randle El's return?

We'll never know.

© Steelers head coach Bill Cowher has to figure out a way to get right tackle Todd Fordham out of the lineup. He's killing this offense.

Oliver Ross has played much better than Fordham in place of injured Marvel Smith on the left side and should replace Fordham when Smith returns.

© When is that going to happen? Since it's Smith's left shoulder that's bothering him, maybe they should move him back to right tackle where it won't be such a problem and leave Ross at left tackle.

At some point, you just have to get in there and tough it out.

© Speaking of Smith's injury, why is it every time he's asked a question now, he replies, "I can't talk about my injury, you'll have to ask coach." Is there a string in his back that somebody keeps on pulling?

© It's time for the Amos Zereoue experiment to end. Note to Mike Mularkey: Either dump the power running game or put Jerome Bettis in there if you're going to do it.

© Hines Ward said he was embarrassed following Sunday night's loss, to which Plaxico Burress replied he had nothing to be embarrassed about since he had given his all out there.

Apparently Plax forgot about that wide open pass he dropped at the Cleveland 5 that would have given the Steelers a first down with three minutes left in the third quarter and the Steelers trailing 30-10.

Complete that pass and score a touchdown and suddenly the Steelers would have found themselves in a two-score game. Instead, they settled for a Jeff Reed field goal and the loss.

© Ike Taylor will break a kickoff return for a score at some point this season. Maybe two.

© Tommy Maddox is completing 61.5 percent of his passes this season, 66.7 if you count those eight he's completed to the other team. His eight touchdown passes this season also look pretty good until you consider three of them went to the other team.

© Why hasn't Randle El thrown a pass this season?

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