Putting it on the line

For years we've seen the same thing in Pittsburgh. A guard is a guard, a tackle's is a tackle, and never the two shall meet.<br><br> But over the years we've seen other teams move their offensive linemen around willy-nilly whevever they are needed. But not the Steelers.<br><br> Heck, they won't even move Mathias from one tackle position to the next - until now.

Shackled with a mediocre offensive line to begin with, injuries are now forcing the Steelers to look at each and every option on their line.

How will they line up Sunday at Denver? Who knows?

But here's the one I would line up with Sunday if I were head coach Bill Cowher: Oliver Ross at left tackle, Jeff Hartings at left guard, Chukky Okobi at center, Kendall Simmons at right guard and Alan Faneca at right tackle.

Why? Quite simply, that may be the best and most experienced line they can throw out there now.

Okobi is better at center than Keydrick Vincent is at guard and Ross has actually been OK at left tackle the past two weeks in place of Marvel Smith.

Plus, lining up Faneca at right tackle instead of left would allow the team to run more of its natural alignments. Since they usually line the tight end up on the right side of the field, it would be more natural to do so to give Faneca a hand every once in a while as he adjusts to life on the edge.

Necessity is the mother of invention and Cowher can afford at this time to get as inventive as possible.

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