Hartings, Porter and Alexander Post Game Quotes

<b>Jeff Hartings</b><br> How much will it help when you get Marvel back? <br><br> <b> JH: </b> Obviously it will help a lot. It's putting a lot of pressure on a lot of other guys and it's tough to replace a guy like Marvel. He's a good player.

Q: How tough is it to do what you guys did today?

JH: It's tough, especially when you don't practice there a lot. I'm probably going to practice there a little more this week and next week just in case we get back into that situation. That will make the adjustment a little easier. But I played there my whole career until I came here, so I'm just as comfortable there as I am at center.

Q: Is that something you can do over the long haul?

JH: I think we could. I don't think we'll have to use seven or eight guys. Part of that was because Marvel was out. Once Marvel comes back everything will fall back into place. Hopefully then we'll move the ball more consistently and score more points. Right now, we're not doing that.

Joey Porter
What happened on the illegal hands to the face?

JP: I bull rushed my guy into the quarterback. I asked him who the call was on and he couldn't tell me. In a situation like that, they should tell you who the foul was on.

Q: You guys pretty much shut them down the whole game and then they made a couple conversions at the end.

JP: They made a couple of conversions at the end. We had a chance to end the game. We played good all day. We had a chance to go to overtime, somehow we just didn't get it done.

Q: That's two more trips into the red zone for the defense without a stop. You made some big plays today, but not down there.

JP: We go out there every week not wanting them to score. We are mad about that. It's not like we're letting them score. But no matter what happened in the red zone, we still had a chance to win this game.

Q: What was your take on the hands to the face penalty?

JP: I just still don't know who they called it on. (Kendrell)

JP: Was it Kendrell? He wasn't even on our side, he was on the other side.

(They said the right defensive tackle and he came up the middle on that side)

JP: Whatever.

Brent Alexander
Q: What happened on the interception drop?

BA: The ball left his hand and I thought I could steal if from the receiver. But then it was kind of overthrown and I didn't get it. It was pretty simple.

Q: You guys actually won the turnover battle. But it didn't hurt them?

BA: Yeah, amazingly so. We got back into this game, but we just didn't manage to pull it out. A couple of times we put the offense in a good position and they got some points out of it, but it wasn't enough.

Q: Is this the best the defense has played this year overall?

BA: I think so overall, yes. We played a lot different. They did a lot of stuff to put us on our heals with misdirection and reverses and stuff, so we all had to be really cognizant of all of our keys and where we were supposed to be at. The guys up front were pretty much stopping them and winning. We didn't have to worry much about the run.

Q: How much of a difference did Beuerlein playing make?

BA: It was a little different. We were able to put pressure up the middle more because we didn't have to worry so much about chasing him out of the pocket. But Beuerlein has been in this league a long time. He's smart and you didn't look for him to make too many bad decisions. He made a few, but not enough

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