Pittsburgh Steelers Team Notes

<b>Red flags</b><br> Pittsburgh's defense inside the 20 ranks last in the NFL by allowing 81.3 percent touchdowns (13 on 16 possessions). Its offense ranks fourth from the bottom in the league with a 31.8 percent of touchdowns scored once it reaches inside the red zone.

Coach Bill Cowher and his staff used some of the extra practice time to work on their red zone play.

"We as a staff wanted to do a better job of putting our players in positions where they can make plays, and we have to execute better down there. We have to be more efficient," said Cowher.

The Steelers' overall defense (243.2) and pass defense (152.3) still lead the NFL in fewest yards allowed per game but they'll be looking to tweak every area during the bye week. Moving James Farrior back to middle linebacker in the dime defense, where he played in the first three games before Joey Porter returned and replaced him, will be considered.

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