The Rooneys, Values Won't Change - Part 2

Earlier this season Dan Rooney made a significant move in the front office that received little fanfare at the time.<br><br> In keeping with family tradition, Art Rooney II has replaced his father as President of the Steelers and also will assume many of his duties running the ballclub. Dan has taken the title of Chairman of the Steelers, a designation held previously by his father, Art Sr., until his death in 1988.

"I just thought it was time," Dan Rooney said. "Art has been involved with a lot of the business of the team. He was very much involved in the building of Heinz Field."

"I'm still going to be here; it's not like I'm not going to be here. He's going to take on more of the tasks and things like that. I'll still do the community work and league work and things like that and still be available to do things here."

There was no announcement to note the change in leadership. It was discovered after this season's media guides were distributed to news media.

A check of the club's directory on the second page revealed, in small type, the title changes beneath the names of Dan and Art Rooney II, his eldest son and previously the club's vice president and general counsel.

It was the same way reporters discovered in the summer of 1975 that Art Rooney Sr. had turned over the team's presidency to Dan.

Neither Dan nor Art II see any significant changes taking place in the operation of the franchise or its philosophy.

By the time Art Rooney Sr. turned the team's presidency over to his son, Dan had already been running the show unofficially for nearly a decade. He made most of the big decisions.

"I have been much more active than my father was, so it will be a little bit different from that standpoint," Dan said. "I'll still be doing those things." Dan Rooney recalled one piece of advice his father gave him when he turned some of the decisions over to him.

"He'd say go ahead and do what you want but don't make any mistakes," Dan said.

Art II got a different take on the situation from his father.

"He has never said it, but I think my dad's philosophy always has been, go ahead and make a decision, but if it's wrong I certainly reserve the right to second-guess you."

In the meantime Dan Rooney remains very involved with the team, "Keeping this team viable," Rooney said. "Getting my family so they have the same type of feeling for Pittsburgh, and they do, but to keep that going. All of that's important."

And winning remains important, "Everybody needs to win every year," he said. "We look at the situation as it develops and that's what we're doing this year and every year."

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