Answer Man

<b> Answer Man: </b> Where's Wex? <br><br> <b>DL:</b> He had some bye-week business to attend to, much like your football team. You got a minute?

Answer Man: Yeah, but just a minute. The coaching staff is looking for as many answers as you guys are, maybe more. What's on your mind?

DL: Well, first up, is the offensive line. What's it going to look like when you line up against St. Louis?

Answer Man: Marvel is going to be back at left tackle, which is going to be big. That allows Faneca to slide back over to left guard. We're looking at a rotation of Chukky Okobi, Jeff Hartings and Kendall Simmons at center and right guard, and Mathias Nkwenti will be at right tackle.

DL: Why Mathias and not Keydrick Vincent at left guard and Faneca at right tackle?

Answer Man: I gotta spell it out for you, huh? Faneca is an All-Pro left guard. He'd just be another guy at tackle. He did a fine job there last week, but he wasn't out on the edge much on passing downs. And at least we'll have some stability on the left side of the line. Besides, Nkwenti played better than Vincent did last week. He was scrambling at times, but he did the job. It doesn't have to be pretty.

DL: OK, that takes care of the offensive line, but what about the running game?

Answer Man: It's still going to be split between Zereoue and Bettis.

DL: Why? Hasn't everyone seen enough of Amos running backwards and sideways?

Answer Man: The head coach doesn't often like to admit he was wrong. Look, he made the decision to go with Amos over Bettis because he figured Jerome would be professional enough to handle coming off the bench, but he didn't figure Amos would handle it too well after outplaying Jerome last season.

DL: So why not switch back? And what about Verron Haynes? Where does he figure in?

Answer Man: He can still let Amos be the guy who starts, even though Jerome is getting more of the important carries like he did against Denver. As for Verron, those two early fumbles got him into the doghouse a little bit, but he's working his way out. Look man, I gotta get back to work. We still have to figure out how we're going to stop St. Louis.

DL: On that subject. . .

Answer Man: Don't press your luck. And lock the door on your way out.

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