Best Sunday of the season?

It is hard to believe that the Steelers could take a weekend off and have their most productive Sunday of the season, but that is exactly what happened.

With Cincinnati and San Diego's upset wins over Baltimore and Cleveland, respectively, Sunday, the Steelers improved their lot greatly in the pitiful AFC North, moving within a game of the Ravens for first place, and a half-game of Cleveland for second.

Now, what are they going to do with this break?

The team will return to practice Monday fresh of its bye week with the St. Louis Rams staring them in the face.

Luckily for the Steelers, they play the Rams at Heinz Field on grass - a surface that nullifies much of St. Louis' speed.

Despite all of their troubles this season, the division remains there for the taking.

Baltimore is going to continue to struggle as long as it does not have a quarterback, Cleveland is again playing musical quarterbacks, and Cincinnati is, well, Cincinnati.

The Steelers have spent the past week figuring out their offensive line problems and should come out of the break refreshed.

They should also be thankful to play in the division in which they compete.

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