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<b> Jerome Bettis</b><br> <b> Did you approach the kind of blend on offense between the run and the pass even though you lost?</b><br><br> <b>JB: </b> Yeah we did. We were able to run the football and I think that really helped the offense. But the bottom line is we have good football players and we have good coaches, but we're not a good football team right now.

And we're not playing like a good football team should. It's frustrating, but it is what it is. We have to find a way to play better, make plays and look within ourselves. It's not that the other team is overpowering us. We're not making plays when we need to.

Why do you think you couldn't get many third down conversions?

JB: That's the problem. And it just hasn't started. It's been a problem for us all year long. When you're a good football team, you have to complete them. And the problem is not third and long all the time. It's third and short or medium. And we're not completing it. We have to look to ourselves to figure this out.

Tommy Maddox
Are we seeing the effects of teams having had an offseason to study what you do on offense?

TM: No. They had time at the end of last year. I don't think that has anything to do with it. We're not making the plays we need to make. It is not like they are beating us with the scheme of things.

Do you worry about confidence?

No, not really. I hope not. I have said it all along, I think that is one of the best things about playing on this team. The guys in this locker room are willing to go out there and lay in on the line every week. There are guys on a lot of teams that would not do that, that don't want to face that. I think this team will face the challenge and will accept that challenge. It is a challenge. It is a challenge we got ourselves into and we will work ourselves through it.

Plaxico Burress has one touchdown catch this season. Would you have believed that if someone would have told you?

TM: No, I probably would not have. I probably would not have imagined that I would only have seven. I think that is the frustrating thing. Obviously today, we did a better job once we got down there and scored touchdowns. We just didn't get down there as much as we were accustomed to. We work on one thing and we get better at that, then we need to work on something else. That is just where we are. We have to keep working at every situation and every possible thing that can come up until we get to where we play a full game the way we should.

Plaxico Burress
What do you need to do to turn this thing around?

PB: Win. That's about the only thing we can do. We just need to win one to get this gorilla off of our back. Until we win a game, it's like an avalanche. It's just getting bigger and bigger.

Are you getting open?

PB: That's the frustrating thing. They were playing a lot of man today and I feel like any time a team does that, I should win those battles and that didn't happen.

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