There is a big difference between looking and seeing. ">
There is a big difference between looking and seeing. ">

SOS, but you'll "need to look at it"

A tragic story has unfolded in Steelerland. The Steelers head coach Bill Cowher "needing to look at it" after misusing (what had better be) a wealth of talent for 60 minutes. This has become an unbelievable if not an intolerable situation for their fans. <br><br> There is a big difference between looking and seeing.

It's time for coach Cowher to start telling the good fans what it is he thinks he is seeing that they are not. More importantly they deserve to know what it is he thinks he is looking at in the first place. It had better be something like this:

The NFL's tolerance to holding has nullified the advantage of speed rushers. That means their 3-4 defensive scheme is continually bringing a knife to the gunfight. The Atlanta Falcons have already scrapped it in mid season and more will inevitably follow. Coach Cowher may need to go look at it again, but the fans are the ones forced to watch it and have seen enough. Boys against men, it's embarrassing.

That whooshing noise is the sound of the NFL passing the Pittsburgh Steelers by.

Pittsburgh cornerbacks are forced to play softer than dippy-eggs because opponents' receivers have the time to run complicated zigzag routes. One can only wonder what would have happened to all those timing routes had defenders actually bumped the WR's within the allotted five yards rather than pulling their jerseys after ten. I find myself wondering that very question week after week. Since the CB's play a minimum (I am actually being kind) of ten yards off of the receivers, we will never know, will we? That is something worth looking at but if you can't see it, what good does all this looking do?

The Steelers will never cure their current secondary problems with better players, their Rubik's Cube defense prohibits their best athletes from "just playing".

Premier offensive lines run over the Steelers defense. Need I remind you of that Kansas City game? It was KC all over again only this time it was a third string UDFA that did the running for three touchdowns. Pittsburgh does not have the linemen needed to stand up to the current trend of offensive lines. We all saw Kendrell Bell held out of the play on two touchdown runs, will the coaches? How many holding calls do you see being called?

Looking and not seeing is a problem, knowing what to do yet refusing to do it is a bigger one.

Let us examine Pittsburgh's offensive play calling. The Steelers actually lead this game at one point by the efforts of a few proud players. After lip-servicing the entire Steelers Nation about the need to run the football, coach Cowher throttled what was an effective Jerome Bettis to twelve carries. The Steelers had only six other rushing attempts all game - a game played against a suspect defensive line that had two injuries and was playing with only one starter by the fourth quarter.

Something like this doesn't appear on film until it is too late. Figuring out a halftime adjustment on film-day is too late. Having to look at film before telling the fans what went wrong is too late. Not only is it too late for coach Cowher to have an epiphany, he wouldn't follow it if he had one. No matter how long or often you "look at it", it is time for a change.

Sadly, we all know what coach Cowher is going to look at today. We were forced to see it firsthand yesterday.

Emperor Noll was asked if he missed NFL coaching a few years after he was retired. His reply (to paraphrase) was "With the rotation of players in the NFL it is more like coaching a college team." With the new stadium the Rooneys have displayed the ability and willingness to buck that trend. It makes one wonder what might have been.

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