Cowher's defense full of Mularkey

Isn't it interesting that head coach Bill Cowher would admit this week that he feels like coordinators Mike Mularkey and Tim Lewis are not calling certain plays or formations because they don't have confidence in the players to execute them correctly?<br><br> On the surface, Cowher's admission seems like a momentary lapse of candor, But there's more to it than that.

Cowher is setting Mularkey and/or Lewis up to take the fall for this season if things continue to go wrong.

By saying that his coordinators don't trust the players, Cowher is attempting to make it look as he is above the whole fray. When in fact, he's directly responsible for it all.

As the de facto general manager of this team, Cowher has decided for the past few seasons who stays, who goes and who gets a new contract.

Even though Kevin Colbert has the same title Tom Donahoe once wielded - director of football operations - nobody in the organization believes Colbert has even half as much of the power that Donahoe had.

Colbert organizes the scouts, both pro and college, but the ultimate decisions are Cowher's.

So if this team doesn't have the talent - as Cowher now claims may be the case - he is solely to blame.

And by saying the coordinators don't trust the players to run certain things is also a cop-out.

As Cowher once said when asked about the team's vacant defensive coordinator position, he is the defensive coordinator of the team.

As head coach, Cowher has final say on all game plans drawn up during the week.

He knows which plays are going to be run and which ones aren't and he can tell Mularkey and Lewis to do things a different way if he so chooses. And he does do that.

Cowher also has the head phones on during games and know which plays are being called and which ones aren't. He is free at any time to make an offensive or defensive call.

So he may think that laying the blame at the feet of his coordinators is a solid defense, but in this case, there are holes in that defense bigger than the ones in the Steelers secondary.

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