Pittsburgh at Seattle Preview

For the Pittsburgh Steelers to have any shot at a playoff berth they must win on Sunday. It can't be any more cut and dry. The Steelers have their worst record after seven games since 1988 when they opened 1 – 6 and finished with a dismal 5 – 11 record. In the Bill Cowher era, they have never been worse than 3-4 after 7 games.

The Steelers head into Seattle where they haven't won since 1986. More importantly, the Seahawks are 4 – 0 this season at home and are looking to stay in the race for the NFC West division title.

With 9 wins a key to the AFC North title, the Steelers need to win seven out of their last nine games and then need lots of help, especially with the emergence of the Cincinnati Bengals.


Pittsburgh Ranked 22nd (Passing 8th, Rushing 29th) – The amazing thing about the sudden collapse of the offense is that it has coincided with two things, a bum offensive line and pathetic production from Plaxico Burress. Makes you wonder how truly important Plaxico is to the team.

Seattle Ranked 9th (Passing 13th, Rushing 9th) – I still don't believe in Shaun Alexander. He'd have to tear up the Steeler defense to really get me to join his bandwagon. Then again, the Steeler run defense isn't what it once was to begin with.

Advantage: The Steeler offense on paper should be better. In fact they put up 21 points last week.


Pittsburgh Ranked 3rd (Passing 7th, Rushing 9h) – Kendrell Bell has been benched on 3rd downs. Here's a neat idea. Let's bench Jason Gildon and get our three fastest linebackers on the field at one time. But, then again, that would take Bill Cowher doing what's right for the team during the season.

Seattle Ranked 12th (Passing 14th, Rushing 20th) – It's the return of Chad Brown. Who? Yes, the same Chad Brown who could have been a superstar in Pittsburgh but instead disappeared in the great northwest. Although he's put up decent numbers, he coulda' been a contenda'.

Advantage: Seattle's defense has the easier job.


Tommy Maddox: Tommy Maddox doesn't get enough time and he makes poor decisions. Sounds like a former quarterback we all know.

Matt Hasselbeck: Hasslebeck was one of those quarterbacks that no one in their right mind would have ever thought would be a top tier quarterback. Well, he's not top tier, but he's proven many doubters wrong.

Advantage: Hasselbeck has the advantage here.

OUTLOOK: Eternal optimists everywhere choke on their coffee. Seahawks by 10.

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