Gildon, the one-game wonder

Jason Gildon finally got the record that had so eluded him through the first eight games of this season in Sunday's 28-15 victory over the Arizona Cardinals, sacking Jeff Blake three times to break L.C. Greenwood's team career record.

It was Gildon's first three-sack game since getting three at Cleveland Nov. 11, 2001 at Cleveland. It will also likely be his last as a member of the Steelers.

Gildon played his best game of the season Sunday and maybe his best game of the past two seasons.

Gildon entered the game with just 16 combined tackles for the season. He had eight solo and three assists against the Cardinals and was all over the field.

Is he the most physical player out there? Nope, not even close. Is he the best player out there? Again, no contest, he has never been the best player on the Steelers defense in any given season.

However, Gildon is capable of putting together the kind of games he had Sunday. In fact, since 1999, Gildon has had 11 games in which he has been credited with more than one sack, compared to 19 games in which he has had just one or a half sack and 32 in which he has had none.

And more often than not, those big games come in the second half of seasons.

In 2000, he had five sacks in the Steelers' first eight games and eight in their final eight.

In 2001, Gildon had seven sacks in the team's first 12 games, but rolled up five in their final four games.

Last season, Gildon again finished with a flurry, again getting five sacks in the team's last four games to finish the season with nine.

The bottom line? Over the long haul, Gildon was never worth the contract the Steelers gave him a couple of years ago. But he can show flashes of outstanding play in stretches.

But considering the way he played the first eight games of this season - like the invisible man - and his age, there's no way he has another strong stretch in him.

© The Steelers must have blitzed Troy Polamalu at least a half-dozen times.

A couple of times he even put pressure on Blake. Polamalu is starting to play with more speed, but there were still times when Brent Alexander had given him directions.

© Deshea Townsend was solid Sunday. We will see how it goes Monday night against Terrell Owens.

© Same goes for Ike Taylor. Something tells me the 49ers are going to try to get Owens matched up one-on-one with both of those guys.

© The Steelers tried like crazy to get Plaxico Burress involved in the game plan in the first half. Unfortunately, Burress was not cooperating.

Four first-half pass attempts went in Burress' direction. They resulted in one catch for six yards, a dropped ball in the end zone and a pass interference penalty on Burress.

Earth to Plax: If you are going to bitch about not getting the ball enough, you had better do something with it when you get the opportunities.

© The Steelers ran the ball well in the first half Sunday when referee Jeff Triplette and company were not calling holding penalties.

Nobody slows a game down more than Triplette and company, the worst officiating crew in the league.

© Earth to Plax note No. 2: You cannot complain about being interfered with on every play and then act surprised when you are called for a blatant push off.

© How many people want to take Antwaan Randle El off punt returns now?

© Jerome Bettis now has three fumbles in his past 48 carries. That is a disturbing trend.

© Equally disturbing is the fact that Bettis now seems to be being scraped off the field at least two or three times per game.

© Earth to Plax note No. 3: This team is going to need you down the stretch. You might want to pull you head out of your behind.

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