Steelers-Browns postgame quotes

<b> OT Marvel Smith</b><br> <b>Q: How did you feel out there?</b><br><br> <b> MS: </b> I felt pretty good. I gave up that sack early, but after that, I settled in and we were able to pound them running the ball.

Q: The running game was pretty effective?

MS: We were able to establish the run pretty well and get into a rhythm. Once we established the running game, we just kept it going.

Q: How was your injury? It looked like you aggravated it at the end?

MS: Nah. I was fine. I was just pissed we didn't get the first down so we could run out the clock. I feel great.

WR Hines Ward
Q: How about that defensive performance?

HW: The defense played terrific. I think they won the game. We really could not get anything going on offense, but credit Cleveland's defense for that. Somewhere along the way, we found a way to win. It all boils down to that.

Q: Can this be a springboard?

HW: We just need to take one game at a time. Our main goal is still to win the division. We cannot fall off the map, but we like our chances and feel good about where we are going. We have been division champs the past two years and we want to maintain that.

S Brent Alexander
Q: You guys got more turnovers. What was the difference?

BA: They say they come in bunches. There were some fumbles, but there were solid hits that got us the ball back. We left some turnovers out there too.

Q: What about next week's game with Cincinnati?

BA: The most important thing we have to do is focus. Next week is going to be a big game. They know it and we know it.

Defensive coordinator Tim Lewis
Q: How did you limit their passing game?

TL: We played a lot more cover-2 coverage. They were going to run a little bit. That's what people do on two-deep. It's hard to throw the football up the field against it. We knew their top running back was out. In the past, we played them in our cover three with a safety high and eight men in the box. That left the corners singled up with those receivers. We didn't want to do that. We wanted them to try to beat us with their backup running back.

Q: You got more turnovers today, you have to be happy about that?

TL: They did a great job getting the ball today. And we left a couple of more out there. The thing about turnovers is that they're not always easy to create, but the guys did a great job getting to the football and when it was on the ground, fighting for it.

LB James Farrior
Q: That was a great defensive effort.

JF: We just wanted to come out and make a statement. Kendrell really played well today. He really showed what he can do out there.

Q: Did you guys get a boost from his big hit at the goal?

JF: Oh, no doubt. He just went in there and nailed the running back and then I came in and helped clean it up. It was a big hit.

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