Notebook: Logan loses one job

<b> PITTSBURGH -</b> It's official. Mike Logan is out of the Steelers' sub defensive packages and Chris Hope is in. <br><br> "I don't know if it's a permanent thing," said Logan, who gave way to Hope on passing downs last Sunday against Cleveland.

"The way it was explained to me," Logan started, "in the St. Louis game I dinged my ankle a little bit. You know me. I'm not coming off the field regardless. I was feeling the pain a little bit but continued to play and coach came up to me and said 'I know that you're dinged up a little bit. We've got some match-up things we want to do and we're going to move some people around.' They did, but I don't know if it's a permanent deal."

Logan said the ankle injury has limited him "a little bit" in coverage, but that there are probably a few other reasons for the move.

"I kind of expected it," he said. "My contract's coming up and younger guys are here who are going to be here because there's a lot invested in them in time and money. All of that stuff factors in but that's the furthest thing from my mind right now. Whatever it takes to win this next game, I'm all for it."

Logan's contract expires at the end of the season. Hope is a second-year player who was drafted by the Steelers in the third round. Another back-up safety, Troy Polamalu, this year's first-round pick, had been playing in both of the sub packages. Free safety Brent Alexander remains on the field on all downs.

"Right now I'm feeling good," Logan said. "I'm feeling comfortable. I'm feeling pretty good about the way we're playing right now and the way the defense is coming together."


At his Tuesday press conference, Steelers Coach Bill Cowher said he is considering introducing the special teams as a group Sunday instead of introducing individuals on either the offense or defense. Punter Josh Miller promised that he'd run out of the tunnel in the same high-kicking fashion as Jerome Bettis. That got a rise out of kicker Jeff Reed.

"That would be hilarious," Reed said. "But if he just jogged in a straight line I'd laugh at him. People don't know Josh the way I do. Anything he does would be hilarious."

Reed was asked if he'd do his imitation of Ray Lewis' theatrical introduction.

"I'd probably hurt my knee," Reed said. "Somebody will do it though. There are plenty of guys who'll do something stupid."

Running back Jerome Bettis (shoulder), center Jeff Hartings (knee) and tight end Jay Riemersma (chest) missed Wednesday's practice. Bettis is probable for Sunday's game. Riemersma is questionable and Hartings is doubtful, although Hartings thinks he might be able to play. "After the game it felt loose to me," Hartings said of his right knee. "It felt loose to the doctor, too, but every day it's felt better and better."

Hartings will test the knee today on the sideline to see if he can practice Friday. That's when he'll decide whether he can play Sunday.

On the Bengals' injury report, cornerback Jeff Burris is listed as out with a concussion and tight end Reggie Kelly is questionable with a foot injury.

Steelers lineman Keydrick Vincent, of Ole Miss, on Thanksgiving viewing: "Watch the Egg Bowl at night. It's being played at the house me and (Kendrick) Clancy built."

Logan upon learning the Cincinnati Bengals have put playoff tickets on sale: "Wow."

Wide receiver Plaxico Burress on having to practice on Thanksgiving: "For (single) guy like myself it's just another day at work. Holidays don't apply to us guys. You've got to kind of have fun with it all. You come in early, get some good hard work in and go home and fill yourself up and watch football."

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