Defensive quotes

<b>James Farrior<br> What happened on the game winning drive?</b> <br><br> <b> JF: </b> They ran a draw. They caught us on a draw. On the last play, I just didn't get deep enough with my drop.

What were you looking for there? Were you thinking they might go down the seam?

JF: I opened to the two-receiver side, trying to read the quarterback. When I turned my hips, he was throwing the ball. I just wasn't deep enough. If I get deeper, he probably doesn't even throw it.

Was it one of those situations where you missed it by inches?

JF: No. He threw it over my head. Had I been deeper, I would have gotten it.

Ike Taylor
Was this a pretty big learning experience for you?

IT: Yeah. You can't lose your focus in this league. You have to stay focused for every play, 60 minutes. It only takes one play to get beat.

Was Chad Johnson your guy on the 58-yard play in the second half?

IT: I was the closest guy to him, but he wasn't necessarily my guy. I should have been there to make the play though.

With four games left, a lot of the guys on this team have a lot to prove, don't they?

IT: Oh yeah. We need to keep getting better. We've got four games left. We need to win those and build off of that.

Kendrell Bell
Since you've been here, this team's had nothing but success. Is this tough to deal with?

KB: It's tough for anyone to deal with. Since I've been a football player, I've been in losing programs. It's not the greatest feeling. But we've got four more games. We've got to get past this. We know our limitations now. We can still play hard if everybody keeps their heads straight. These last four games can give us something to grow on.

Is it about pride now?

KB: Of course. When you get knocked out of a position to where you can't advance any more, something else has to fall into place, whether it be pride, yourself or your team. All those things are very important and show what kind of character you have on your team.

Bill said that he told you guys at halftime that the second half was going to be a defining moment for this team, if it was, what does that tell us?

KB: Basically, I feel like we have to respect the game. What I mean by that is that we have to make the plays, make the tackles, get pressure on the quarterback, the things that we're on the field that we're supposed to do. A lot of times, those things are not easy to do. If they were easy, you would be out there doing it. But we've got to focus, do our jobs, even if you feel like you're a better player than the person you're in front of. You have to play up to your level, not come down to his. I'm not taking anything away from Cincinnati, they really came out of their shell. I always thought they had good players, they just needed a good leader. Now they've got that. Good for them. But at the same time, we've got to bring ourselves together. We have to bring ourselves together in the next four games.

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