A quick fix?

<b>PITTSBURGH - </B>Now that the Steelers season is all but over, we can start looking toward the offseason and what it's going to take to fix this team. The Steelers have some holes - as does every team in the league thanks to free agency - but they are not as far from being a winner again as some would think.

A stud running back, a coverage cornerback and a better pass rush would help tremendously.

The running back they can get in the draft, while they can add another experienced cornerback in free agency.

The pass rush? Well, that might be a little more interesting. You can take it to the bank that outside linebacker Jason Gildon is a goner at the end of this season. And there's nothing that says Kimo von Oelhoffen will be back either. He'll be 32 next season and is making a big salary for a guy who splits time with Rodney Bailey.

While Gildon is certainly not a star and is just a ghost of what he once was, he still leads this team in sacks with six. Von Oelhoffen, meanwhile, is second with five.

If they are both gone, the sacks will have to come from somewhere else.

The Steelers vaunted four-man rush generated no pressure on Jon Kitna in Sunday's 24-20 loss to Cincinnati. But because of their secondary problems, they have been a little reluctant to blitz as much as they have in the past because they've played more 2-deep zone coverage. If the safeties are back deep, they can't blitz.

A cover corner will greatly help the sack totals just as much as a running back will help open up the running game.

© Troy Polamalu finally got his first sack of the season and also drew a holding penalty on another occasion. Polamalu is starting to play the game with speed, something he's got in spades.

And he's starting to hit people with authority.

It has taken a while, but we're finally seeing why the Steelers moved up in the draft to get him.

© The Steelers won't have to move up in this year's draft to get the player they want unless they want Eli Manning.

© Looking for a sleeper running back pick for the Steelers. Here's an early name: Tulane's Mewelde Moore.

He catches the ball well and is a solid runner between the tackles who can break a long one on occasion.

Think Emmitt Smith, but in the second round.

© Enjoy these last four games with Jerome Bettis. Bettis has been nothing but a professional for the Steelers and went over 12,000 yards in his career Sunday.

You're witnessing one of the best of all-time and a first-ballot Hall of Fame inductee.

© Nice to see you show up on Sunday Plaxico Burress. Too bad you missed the middle part of the season.

© Hines Ward will follow Bettis into the Hall of Fame if he doesn't see his career end prematurely because of injury.

You can't help but love the guy, but it wouldn't hurt for him to go down or run out of bounds every once in a while instead of taking big hit after big hit.

© Chad Scott, meet Chad Johnson. There's a Florida voting joke there somewhere, but I'm not in the joking mood after watching Scott get beat in man-to-man coverage by Kelley Washington. Hey Chad, you're supposed to be the crafty veteran and school the rookie, not the other way around.

© There were people cheering when Charlie Batch replaced injured Tommy Maddox at the end of the first half. Nice.

© I've said it before and I'll say it again. Why don't the Steelers run the hurry-up offense more often?

If I'm Mike Mularkey, I'm running it two or three times per game, minimum.

© Seen in the locker room: Ike Taylor sitting in a chair in front of his locker talking to Willy Robinson, who was seated inside Taylor's locker.

It looked like a shrine to Jobu.

Here's hoping Taylor spends the offseason listening so closely to Robinson's wisdom.

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