Post Game Quotes

<b>Brent Alexander<br> Once the first quarter was over, it was pretty much your ballgame?</b><br><br> <b> BA: </b> We had a little flashback to what they did last year. They came out in the spread on the first play and spread us out, so we were like, "Ok, they're going to throw the ball."

But then they went back to the run and we kind of got caught back on our heals. They drove down that one drive, but after that, we went to the sidelines and we made some adjustments and we pretty much knew what they were doing after that.

Dewayne made a pretty big interception for you that changed the momentum.

BA: That was huge. That was probably the highlight of my day. It was great to get him back there and get it going again. It was just a great play on his part.

You guys had to feel good for him given what he went through.

BA: That was a tough situation for him, but he didn't quit. He just handled it. And today, he put us back in it by making a play.

There were a lot of you old guys running around out there today.

BA: Yeah. It's weird. We've got some young guys out there too. We were all feeling pretty young today with those guys. But you still respect them. They've accomplished everything there is to accomplish in this league.

James Farrior
You guys are going for two in a row now, you haven't done that in a while.

JF: Yeah. It's going to be a tough game next week. They're in the same situation we are as far as the playoffs. It's going to be a good game with two tough teams.

Does it mean anything for you going back to New York?

JF: Not really. I'm going to be happy to see my friends back there. I haven't seen them in a while, but other than that, it's just going to be another game for me, another team I'm trying to beat. I'll do what I can to help my team win.

What does it mean for you to go over 100 tackles?

JF: It's a good feeling. It's just a tribute to my defensive linemen. They've done a great job of keeping guys off of me and allowing me to flow to the ball and go make some plays. I give a lot of credit to those guys.

Joey Porter
You guys got a home win, those haven't come that often.

JP: It just feels good to get a win. Now we're just going to try to put a few wins together.

Obviously, you're still playing hard. Is that tough considering how the season's gone?

JP: What can you hold back? You can't hold nothing back. You've got to let the chips fall where they may and if it ends without the playoffs, then so be it. Then we'll go into next season at 8-8. We know what we really have around here. I don't believe in bad luck or anything, but we know how the season went. We know we're really a playoff team. But things happened like they happened.

When you looked across the sideline today, you saw a team that was in the Super Bowl that just fell apart.

JP: That just shows you what can happen on any given Sunday. We're going to come out and fight each week. The way our season went, we've been here and there. This happened, that happened. You can't control that, we can only control our final three games.

What do you do to keep this team from falling apart like that? They're finger pointing, guys are ripping one another.

JP: You have to be a man and take responsibility for what happens out there. When something happens out there, you can't say, "Nobody's got my back." You have to be accountable for your job. You can't finger point.

Alan Faneca
You looked more like the team you were supposed to be this season.

AF: Yeah, we did. We stuck with it. Mike (Mularkey) kept calling (running plays) and we kept on pounding it and pounding it.

When you found yourself down early, was your confidence OK?

AF: It was early. They scored and it was our job to get back out there and put some points on the board and keep it going. It was early so I don't think we had any wavering thoughts.

Tommy Maddox
Jerome said you told him to run hard at the end of the game. He said he was running hard the whole game.

TM: It came over my speaker that he needed four more. We wanted to get him 100 yards. To do that, the offensive line played well and he ran really well.

It looked like the play in the end zone to Plaxico Burress was perfect.

TM: Yes, it was good to see. He ran a great route, kept the guy pinned and gave me enough room for me to throw it to the sideline. He has continued to work very hard and I think it is showing. He is playing well, running good routes and he ran a really good route on that one.

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