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Steelers-Jets Postgame quotes

<b>Dan Rooney</b> <br> <b>Q: Dan, now that the playoffs are officially out of reach, you have to be pretty disappointed with what's happened this season. What do you want to see in the final two games?</b> <br><br> <b> DR: </b> "They've got to show what kind of character they have and show what they can do. We play every game to win here. I don't see doing it any other way."<br>

Q: So you don't feel Bill should clear his bench to start preparing for next season?

DR: "We will only do that with the idea of helping the team. If that means putting in a guy who isn't going to help, too bad. We're not going to throw games away. We play every game to win, it's the most important thing we've got."

*** Sorry, everyone, I was preparing to ask him about the coaching staff, but he got pulled away from me.

Kimo von Oelhoffen
Q: In a weather game like this, does it benefit a back like Curtis Martin who has excellent balance?

KVO: Yeah, but Jerome (Bettis) ran the ball well, too. It definitely benefits the offense a little bit. But our defense is designed to stop the run. We missed too many tackles. They're an outside running team, they're a sweep and toss team. It's hard for the inside guys to make a lot of plays because of that. It's hard to go laterally in the snow.

Kendall Simmons
Q: Did you ever play in a game like this?

KS: Yeah, last year in the playoffs against Cleveland. It was probably colder that day, but there was more snow today.

Q: You guys missed a lot of opportunities today. What happened?

KS: We just missed a lot. We didn't take advantage of what was there for us. You saw the end results. The defense did what they had to do and we didn't help them out.

Q: When you're playing in a game like this, you'r 5-8, they're 5-8, what's the motivation?

KS: We're professionals. We're playing for pride. I'd like to think every guy in this locker room is still playing hard. I'd like to think I speak for everyone on that.

Jeff Reed
Q: What happened?

JR: On the first one, I had to kind of shorten my approach and the second one, I slipped. But that's no excuse, I've got to make those kicks.

Q: On the first one, was that about as far out as you could go?

JR: It was a 44-yarder. You can't make them all, but at the same time, you've got to come through when your team needs you.

Q: Coach Cowher said you told him the 25 was going to be the cutoff line, is that right?

JR: Yeah, the 25-yard line would make it about 42 yards.

Q: Did you talk to him at all before that, or did he just say "Go try it."

JR: He asked if I could make it and I said yeah. I just didn't play the wind as well as I should have.

Q: The wind was swirling on it?

JR: It was, but it was the same as our field. I'm used to the wind factor.

Q: Your plant foot slipped on the 20-yarder?

JR: Yeah, I slipped a little bit, but there's no excuses. When there's only six points scored in an entire game, it's my job to come through. I didn't do it.

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