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<b>Joey Porter<br> If you have the opportunity to knock Baltimore out of the playoffs, would that make the the Sunday night game all the more fun?</b> <br><br> <b> JP: </b> If it comes down to to we have to play Baltimore and they have to beat us to go to the playoffs, that would be our playoff game. It would be the biggest game we've played all season. <br><br>

We said it at the beginning of the season, but to this point, with how bad we've been playing all year, to have a chance to keep them out of the playoffs, that would be it. If we can send them home, I won't feel so bad about having to go home myself.

Can we expect a typical dogfight between the two teams?

JP: No question. It's Pittsburgh-Baltimore. There's going to be trash-talking. They are mad about us beating them in the first game. The hype is going to be there. And if it's a chance for us to put them out of the playoffs, the hype is really going be there.

Troy Polamalu
What was the defensive call when you forced the fumble?

TP: It had me blitzing to the running back, trying to keep him in the backfield because LaDainian Tomlinson is such a threat in the passing game. We figured if we blitz at him, he wouldn't be releasing too much. He actually blocked me really good. The quarterback held the ball for a while and I was able to make the play on him.

It seems like many times this year, you missed the big play. Does it feel good to get one?

TP: Yeah, it does feel very good. The important thing is that we won. That's the first thing we're very thankful for.

Bill said you really started playing well after the Seattle game, he said he couldn't think of any bad plays on your part since that time. Do you feel the same?

TP: Yeah, I feel more comfortable. Coach Robinson and coach Perry have really put a lot of extra time in with me and they've done a great job, taking time out of their day to help me get better and restore my confidence.

You lost confidence in yourself?

TP: Yeah, at first, I wasn't playing very good because I really didn't know what I was doing. But as I started to study more and get more individual time with the coaches, I was able to play with more confidence.

Do you remember when the light went on?

TP: It was a specific play against Arizona. We had a zero man, so everybody had no help and I was blitzing and I missed the sack and they ended up scoring a touchdown on the play. After that, I was so angry with myself, I just kind of said, hey, just play football the way you know how. It was a true test of my faith, because I really lost my confidence.

There was a play early in today's game where you were directing James Farrior. That kind of shows you have a pretty good grasp now.

TP: Yeah. The safety is supposed to know everybody's position because they're calling all the shots, all of the coverages. They pulled me aside on the sideline and asked, "Did you know what you were doing?" I was trying to disguise, but I realized that wasn't a play I could disguise.

CB Deshea Townsend
Is this one of those days you dream about?

DT: Oh yeah. I had the opportunity to make some plays. Their quarterback threw some balls to us and I happened to make them. That's part of playing the game. You want to go out there and compete and make the most for your team. Today I made some plays.

Has starting consistently made you a better player? Have you found yourself getting better because you're playing every down?

DT: I try to approach it - even when I wasn't starting - I try to approach every week the same. I try to approach it like I was the starter. You never know, on any play, you could be out there. But playing consistently does make you better because you are in the flow of the game and you get to see a lot more routes and you get into the groove of the game. I guess I would say it does make you better.

Were you feeling like the receiver on that deep ball you picked off?

DT: Yeah. I was over the top of the receiver. I couldn't believe that he just threw it like that.

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