Playoff Pie

Tennessee at Baltimore<br> Dallas at Carolina<br> Seattle at Green Bay<br> Denver at Indianapolis<br>


AFC Wild Card Game #1

Tennessee Titans at Baltimore Ravens
4:30 pm at M&T Bank Stadium
Weather Forecast: Partly Cloudy. High in the low-60s. Low in the low-50s.

Announcing Teams
ABC: Mike Patrick, Joe Theismann, Paul Maguire and Suzy Kolber (Field reporter).
CBS Radio: Marv Albert, Boomer Esiason, John Dockery (Field reporter).

The Titans can win if:
1. Eddie George get keep the Ravens defense honest.
2. The Titans can limit Jamal Lewis to less than 100 yards.
3. Steve McNair dictates the flow of the game.

The Ravens can win if:
1. Jamal Lewis gains over 130 yards.
2. Marcus Robinson has a big day receiving.
3. The Ravens defense hounds McNair all day.

Key Match-up: Jamal Lewis versus the Titans front seven

Outlook: If Sunday's game proved anything, Anthony Wright isn't a playoff quarterback. Titans by 4.

NFC Wild Card Game #1

Dallas Cowboys at Carolina Panthers
8:00 pm at Ericsson Stadium
Weather Forecast: High in the low-70s. Low in the mid-50s.

Announcing Teams
ABC: Al Michaels, John Madden, Lisa Guerrero (Field reporter).
CBS Radio: Joel Meyers, Bob Trumpy, Rick Walker (Field reporter).

The Cowboys can win if:
1. Quincy Carter plays a mistake-free game.
2. The defense reverts back to its early season form.
3. The Cowboys can get enough running to keep the Panthers honest.

The Panthers can win if:
1. The defense forces Carter to make poor decisions.
2. Stephen Davis has a productive game.
3. Jake Delhomme can make enough big throws to rattle the Cowboys defense.

Key Match-up: Carter vs. Delhomme

Outlook: The Cowboys set up a divisional showdown with Philly as the Tuna beats the Fox.


NFC Wild Card Game #2

Seattle Seahawks at Green Bay Packers
1:00 pm at Lambeau Field
Weather Forecast: Partly sunny. High in the low 20's. Low in digits.

Announcing Teams
FOX: Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, Cris Collinsworth, Pam Oliver (Field reporter).
CBS Radio: Bob Papa, Jack Ham, Kellen Winslow (Field reporter).

The Seahawks can win if:
1. Shaun Alexander can control the game.
2. Chad Brown has a big game.
3. Matt Hasselbeck stays away from interceptions.

The Packers can win if:
1. Brett Favre doesn't try to be the hero.
2. Ahman Green rushes for 100+ yards.
3. They continue to play like they are a team of destiny.

Key Match-up: Alexander vs. Green

Outlook: The Packers must feel like they are the team of destiny this season. At least that's what Seattle will think after getting their butts whupped.

AFC Wild Card Game #2

Denver Broncos at Indianapolis Colts
4:30 pm at RCA Dome
Weather Forecast: Game Indoors.

Announcing Teams
CBS: Greg Gumbel, Phil Simms, Armen Keteyian (Field reporter).
CBS Radio: Dave Sims, John Riggins, Allen Pinkett (Field reporter).

The Broncos can win if:
1. They stick to the formula of their Week 16 win in Indy.
2. Jake Plummer keeps the Indy defense frustrated.
3. They get over 80+ yards from the rushing attack.

The Colts can win if:
1. Edge James can unleash his talent.
2. Peyton Manning controls the tempo on offense.
3. The Broncos offense is kept off the field.

Key Match-up: Colts OL vs. Broncos DL

Outlook: The Colts atone for the previous loss to Denver and Peyton Manning gets his first playoff victory.

Thoughts Assisted by Yuengling

  • It would be a shame to keep Chad Scott over Dewayne Washington based on the egos of the two players but, unfortunately, Washington's skills are decreasing fast and Scott still has enough big play ability to warrant another season.
  • Deshea Townsend had a great game against Baltimore. He was routinely in position. Notice how the only big passes were completed on Washington.
  • The Steelers picked on Fred Baxter early and then got away from that tactic.
  • I'm in the group of people who feel Plaxico Burress should be traded away. He's going to be gone after the next season, why not try to trade him now?
  • Although, I'm not so sure Kendrell Bell is fully healed from his injuries, mentally that is. He was brushed aside easily by Jamal Lewis out in the open. Bell used to go for the jugular but instead reached and flailed like Jason Gildon.
  • Maybe that was one of the tricks Gildon taught Bell this summer.
  • Earth to Amos: You won't start anywhere.
  • It's been a great career Jerome Bettis, but the organization still factors in fiscal business decisions when it comes to cutting players.
  • Thanks for stopping by Mark Bruener, sorry we didn't pay much attention to you this season.
  • Casey Hampton is too fat, way too fat. His knees won't hold up another three years at this rate.
  • My dad was right, Tommy Maddox is too slow in the pocket.
  • That being said, Jerome is too slow to the hole, Amos is too slow through the hole and Plaxico doesn't use his speed enough.
  • That's a pretty slow offense.
  • There used to be a Steelers defense that didn't have to play 8 men in the box because Casey Hampton routinely took on two blockers at once and Kendrell Bell shed his blockers. What happened this year?
  • The Steelers shut down a tight end. Well, perhaps Anthony Wright is just plain awful.

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