Where do they go from here?

Now that Mike Mularkey has officially taken the head coaching position in Buffalo and become the Steelers former offensive coordinator, things should get very interesting in the next few days for the Steelers.

Suddenly, the stakes for the Steelers to get Dick LeBeau as their defensive coordinator went up considerably. Also, you can bet head coach Bill Cowher has his fingers crossed that Russ Grimm doesn't get the head coaching position in Chicago that he is a finalist for.

Given their 6-10 record this season, there figured to be a lot of turnover with the Steelers this season. Little did we know it would include revamping half the coaching staff.

Grimm is prospect No. 1 to become the team's new offensive coordinator. Why him and not tight ends coach Ken Whisenhunt or Tom Clements?

Good question.

Given Grimm's skipping of the coordinator interviews and leaping right into the head coaching pool, perhaps Cowher figures if he doesn't make Grimm a coordinator now, he'll lose him next year.

And given Cowher's respect for Grimm's ability as a coach and motivator, that's something he doesn't want to happen. Whisenhunt and Clements, while certainly capable enough men, simply don't command the respect that Grimm does.

As for the defensive coordinator position, Greg Blache will interview Wednesday, but the job will be LeBeau's if he wants it. It may not make Willy Robinson all that happy, but Cowher's going to go with a known commodity unless Mularkey outbids him for LeBeau's services.

Mularkey may also make a play for Clements as his offensive coordinator, Clements was a finalist for Buffalo's offensive coordinator position when Kevin Gilbride was hired and would be a natural fit there.

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