Steelers Hire first Assistant, Again

In Buffalo, fans are lamenting the fact the team is turning into Pittsburgh North as team president Tom Donahoe hires former Steelers employees like an old lady collecting beanie babies. <br><br> But things could be worse.

In Pittsburgh, fans lament the fact that every time the Steelers add a free agent player, he somehow has ties to the Detroit Lions, thanks to director of football operations Kevin Colbert's longtime association with that team.

The bottom line is that you stick with what you know. And that's why Steelers head coach Bill Cowher firmly put all of his defensive coordiantor eggs in the basket of Dick LeBeau, his former defensive coordinator.

LeBeau finally accepted Cowher's offer to become the team's defensive coordinator for the second time Thursday after considering an offer from Pittsburgh North to become the defensive coordinator there under new head coach Mike Mularkey.

You can bet Donahoe was none too happy about losing that battle.

In LeBeau, the Steelers get a man who knows their intricate defense inside and out. Heck, he developed most of it as a member of Cowher's initial staff in Pittsburgh.

And that will greatly help the learning curve for a defense that promises to have several new faces in 2004.

LeBeau will find a defense that doesn't measure up talent-wise with the ones he coached here before. But he's clever enough to figure out ways to get the most out of the players the Steelers will put on the field next season.

Things couldn't have worked out any better for Cowher in finding his defensive coordinator. But had LeBeau taken the job in Buffalo instead, Cowher would have been left scrambling, something that would have pleased Donahoe to no end.

Score this victory 1 for Pittsburgh and 0 for Pittsburgh North.

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