Playoff Pie - The Super Bowl

<b>Super Bowl XXXVIII</b><br><br> <b>Carolina Panthers vs. New England Patriots</b><br> 6:25 pm at Reliant Stadium

Announcing Teams
Greg Gumbel, Phil Simms, Armen Keteyian (Field Reporter), Bonnie Bernstien (Field Reporter)
CBS Radio: Marv Albert, Boomer Esiason, John Dockery (Field Reporter), John Riggins (Field Reporter)

The Panthers can win if:
1. Jake Delhomme plays mistake-free.
2. The defense makes key big plays in the red-zone.
3. They keep Adam Vinatieri from being a factor.

The Patriots can win if:
1. The defense can once again give the offense great field position.
2. Tom Brady can continue to spread the ball around.
3. The defense completely stifles the Carolina running game all day.

Key Match-up: Carolina's running game vs. New England's run defense.

Outlook: As much as I hate to say it, the Panthers won't be able to keep up defensively with the Patriots. New England by 7.

Thoughts Assisted by Yuengling

  • Anyone else as sick of the New England Patriots as I am? There has perhaps never been a more annoyingly unbeatable team in the past two decades. At least the Cowboys were always getting in trouble off the field. This time is like vanilla ice cream that is slightly too bland.
  • Oh it would be so nice to get a franchise quarterback in this year's draft, but come on folks. It's Bill Cowher. We're going guard or linebacker in the first round.
  • Larry Johnson is a bust. Why would the Steelers want him?
  • As far as Plaxico Burress is concerned - Look, until we see if Cowher signs an extension this summer, Plaxico can be considered gone. Cowher will push to resign Bell. If Cowher isn't resigned, then Bell might be gone. I'd keep Plaxico right now over Bell.
  • Hines Ward isn't going anywhere for the next two years. After that he will be considered too old. And that will be a terrible mistake.
  • Just remember folks, the Patriots didn't make the playoffs last season. Neither did the Panthers. Or Cowboys. Or Broncos. Or Rams. Do you get my point?
  • At least we aren't Miami. How about having to live with Dave "The Worst Tactician In Football" Wannstedt.
  • Jerome Bettis will take a pay cut to come back for another season. My question is why not? Here is a guy that WANTS to be a Steeler more than anything else. Do you think Amos Z would take a pay cut? No, he'd go to Arizona if it meant more money and playing time. That's not a knock on Z. It's just a difference in age and priorities between the two players. Keep Bettis around.
  • I'm willing to bet anyone that if Maddox gets above average protection next year, he will be in the Pro Bowl.
  • Antwaan Randle El will also make the Pro Bowl as the starting kick returner.

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